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Welcome to RosemaryDoll, your premier destination for trendsetting wig styles for a one-of-a-kind look for your sex dolls. Our sex doll wigs will refresh your intimate experiences and take them to a whole new level.

At RosemaryDoll, we understand how important it is to keep things fresh. So, we’ve crafted a collection of unique wig accessories made from synthetic and human hair. We know that personalization is key when it comes to your doll, so our wig collection offers a wide range of lengths, styles, and colors to choose from.

Our brand is dedicated to providing you with a curated selection of high-quality sex doll wigs designed to trigger your deepest weaknesses and make you gush with pleasure! For instance, you can choose from sexy wigs for sex dolls or purchase a sex doll curly wig for your lovely companion. We also have mini sex doll wigs in our unique collection.

Browse our collection today and discover the trendsetting wig styles that will enhance your intimate moments and complement your doll’s beauty. Shop now and use our 10% discount on everything on our website by purchasing TPE sex doll wigs, sex doll wigs and clothes, and many other accessories.

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Most Popular Sex Doll Wigs for Sale at RosemaryDoll

Our wigs for sex dolls are crafted with a meticulous eye to detail, ensuring a secure and snug fit to the doll’s head. This way, you can tug at your doll’s hair all you want; it’ll stay intact no matter what!

You can easily change your doll’s appearance as you see fit. For instance, if you’re more into role-play scenarios, you can purchase from the colorful sex doll wigs.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a thing for traditional blondes, redheads, and brunettes, then the TPE and silicone brands would be perfect for you.

Sex Doll Wig Collection

One category you can explore is the sex doll wigs. It offers 15 different wigs, all in different shapes, sizes, lengths, and colors.

You can browse for your favorite sex doll wig and choose from pink, a mixture of platinum and black, or a sex doll curly wig. These sexy wigs for sex dolls will get your imagination racing instantly:

Platinum Short Wig with Bangs

Achieve an edgy and chic look for your sex doll with this platinum wig featuring stylish bangs.

Transform your doll’s appearance by adding contemporary style tones and a touch of modernity.

Platinum Short Wig with Bangs

Caramel and Platinum Shoulder-Length Wig

The perfect blend of caramel and platinum gives a timeless bombshell vibe.

The shoulder-length style adds modern features and will make your doll look irresistible.

Caramel and Platinum Shoulder-Length Wig

Lighter Pink Wig

The pink wig in a lighter shade is perfect for a playful and feminine touch.

Elevate your doll’s style with our pink wig, designed to add a delicate shade of color and a touch of whimsy! Make your doll more alluring for unforgettable moments.

Lighter Pink Wig

Curly Blonde Wig

This is the ideal choice for those who prefer a classic beauty that exudes timeless allure.

With elegant curls and a radiant blonde hue, your doll will boast beauty, sophistication, and elegance.

Curly Blonde Wig

Half and Half Colors Wig

The platinum and black combination brings out the playful nature of the doll, making a bold statement.

The contrasting colors create a captivating look perfect for those looking for a more artistic appearance.

Half and Half Colors Wig

Platinum with Wavy Ends Wig

If you want glamour and grace, you can purchase the platinum wig with wavy ends.

This adds a touch of elegance and will make your doll radiate charm and charisma.

Platinum and Wavy Ends Wig

Red with Bangs Wig

If you’re the type of guy who’s more into girls with bold hair color and hairstyle, this wig is the right choice for your doll!

The red wig gives off a fiery look and a captivating charm that is impossible to ignore.

Red with Bangs Wig

Black with White Ends Wig

A long and elegant wig that gives off a girl-next-door-vibe, if that’s your thing.

This wig is the epitome of timeless elegance, with a touch of natural beauty and simplicity.

Black with White Ends Wig

Wigs for All TPE/Silicone Brands

The TPE/silicone wig line is our other wig product collection. You can select the WM/YL hairstyle based on your preferences and choose from 15 different options.

Every wig offers a classical, trendy, bold, and elegant hairstyle with a touch of drama and passion.

The price of every wig is only $60, so you can choose as many as you want to give a different character to your doll every time you dive deeper into your sexual fantasies!

High-Quality Sex Doll Wigs

Why Choose a Different Sex Doll Wig?

Why should you purchase a different sex doll wig for your doll?

The answer is simple: to bring diversity, intensity, and personalization. You can explore the various wigs for sex dolls and choose your favorites!

Here are some compelling reasons to choose a different sex doll wig for your love doll:

  • Versatility – If you want to add a touch of versatility and reinvent your doll’s look, then a wider range of wigs and styling options is recommended.
  • Personalization – Wigs will help you make your doll unique, with a distinctive appearance that will resonate with your fantasies and preferences.
  • Mood Enhancement – Different wigs will enhance your moods and desires, creating a more fulfilling and immersive experience in the bedroom.

How to Choose the Best Wigs at RosemaryDoll

There are several key factors to consider when choosing wigs for sex dolls.

These factors include style and length, material, wig cap size, color coordination, texture and feel maintenance, and personalization:

Length and Style

Think about the look you want. Do you prefer long, short, curly, or straight wigs?

Choose a style that complements your doll’s personality and your preferences.

Wig Cap Size

Ensure the wig cap size matches your doll’s head size, allowing for a snug fit.

A wig that fits your doll’s head poorly can be frustrating and take away from the doll’s appearance.

Choose Quality Materials

Choosing high-quality sex doll wigs is crucial. The use of high-quality materials in the manufacturing and selection process impacts the wig’s durability and realism.

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can opt for synthetic or human hair.

Color Coordination

Make sure to select a wig that will complement your doll’s eye color, skin tone, and your preferences.

The color combo will enhance the doll’s aesthetics, creating a more appealing and lifelike appearance.

Coordinate the hair color so it makes the doll’s skin tone and skeleton type stand out.

Feel and Texture

Soft and smooth wigs provide a natural feeling, enhancing the overall experience with your doll. Opt for softer wigs if you strive for a smoother feel.


Every wig requires a different level of care and maintenance.

Make sure to be prepared to maintain the wig accordingly, so choose a style that matches your maintenance capabilities.

Some styles demand more upkeep than others, so opt for a wig that aligns with your time commitment to maintain it the best way possible.


How Fast Can I Get A Wig Delivered?

You can get your wig delivered within 7-12 business days, but delivery times may vary based on factors like location and shipping method.

For more precise delivery, we would advise you to check with our customer support in case you want your wig delivered as soon as possible.

What Wig Should I Choose?

Selecting the right wig depends on your personal preferences, like material, color, style, or length. Please refer to the article above for recommendations on various wig types we’ve discussed that suit different needs.

Ultimately, the ideal wig should align with your preferences and individual style.

What Wigs Are In Stock The Most?

The wigs that are in stock the most are platinum and blonde.

We also have caramel and redheads. These are among the most popular color shades and are well-stocked to cater to various customer preferences.

Can I Purchase Multiple Sex Doll Wigs?

Of course, you can purchase as many as you want. Create your own bundle of different colors, and enjoy various different looks on your sex doll!

What Is The Shipping Process For My Sex Doll Wig?

The doll wig shipping process usually takes 7-12 business days, upon which, after the confirmation of purchase, we will send you a tracking number to your email box within 3-4 days.

Can I Make Various Sex Doll Wig Styles On My Doll’s Wig?

Absolutely! Our sex doll wigs are created to endure heat and allow various styling options for you to try out.