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Welcome to RosemaryDoll, where we pride ourselves on being the leading vendor of high-quality sex dolls from the industry’s top brands, including WM, YL, SE, Irontech, Starpery, Zelex, Piper, Irokebijin, Aotume, and more. Our exceptional partnerships with these brands and factories have earned us numerous awards and recognition, and we’re excited to share them with you.

Choose RosemaryDoll, ranked number one in sales and service, for authentic and high-quality sex dolls – your trusted shop for unparalleled satisfaction.


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The Best TPE & Silicone Sex Dolls | Ranked #1 in Sales and Service

RosemaryDoll is a new international and professional adult doll vendor. We’re the official authorized vendor of realistic TPE/Silicone sex dolls, and we have cooperated with many famous brand sex doll manufacturers, such as WM Doll, YL Doll, SE Doll, Piper Doll, Irontech Doll, HR Doll, Doll4ever, Doll House 168, SM Doll, Qita Doll, Sino Doll and etc. Click here to view our doll brand authorization certificate.

All of the branded sex dolls you purchased on rosemarydoll.com are 100% authentic sex dolls ONLY. We have got authorization certificates from multiple TDF accredited manufacturers. Some manufacturers don’t provide certificates, but you can track all your orders from the original manufacturers. Also, we are an approved and verified sex doll vendor on TDF. NO COUNTERFEIT HERE! So… if you’re looking for a REAL realistic sex doll, you’re in the right place.

Sex Dolls Scam Alert*: Some scam websites steal our banner! Be aware that a significantly cheaper price is a red flag that it’s a counterfeit fake copy of an authentic love doll. Counterfeit doll sellers are rampant on the internet using doll photos stolen from an authentic manufacturer’s website.

Don’t want to get ripped off when buying a sex doll? Don’t buy a sex doll, before read these tips!



Welcome to RosemaryDoll, where we turn your sex doll dreams into reality! If you are a first-time visitor, let us guide you through our extensive selection of premium sex dolls, guaranteed to satiate your unique taste and intricate desires.

We are curators of dreams, crafting exceptional lifesize companions with meticulous attention to detail. Our mission is rooted in delivering unmatched products, ensuring that each sex doll mirrors the beauty and warmth of human connection.

We empower you to shape your own Rosemary sex doll, whether it’s a preference for silicone or TPE material, a specific body type, or a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. With the best prices on the market, multiple payment options, and swift delivery, rest assured that you have arrived at a place where buying a sex doll is a breeze and delight.

So, join us on this amazing adventure, where the girl you’ve been only fantasizing about becomes a tangible reality, bringing joy, lots of good sex, and a touch of magic to your life. Dive into the sea of RosemaryDoll sex dolls today!

Discover Our Premium Sex Dolls

As the best vendor in the sex doll industry, we pride ourselves in partnering with the crème de la crème of realistic sex doll brands. Browse through WM Doll, YL Doll, SEDOLL, Irontech, Starpery, Zelex, and many more.

At RosemaryDoll, we offer brands that specialize in TPE sex doll creations, their silicone alternatives, or a mix of both within the full-size real dolls. The quality and level of customization of our luxury sex dolls and other sex toys are immaculate.

If you are someone with a boundless imagination looking for an AI sex doll or a cosplay partner, do not doubt that here you will find the ONE!

Blonde Sex Dolls

Blonde Sex Dolls

Are you on the prowl for a smokin’ hot blonde to add some spice to your life? Look no further! From dazzling gold to sweet honey waves, our blonde bombshells radiate a downright irresistible beauty.

Check out our lineup, and you’ll see how our adult dolls are crafted with mad skills to capture the essence of real blonde beauty, rocking high-quality silicone and TPE material. Their metal skeletons are made to nail every pose you want to try.

Whether you’re into classic vibes, modern sass, innocent charm, or playful mischief, our blonde sex doll range guarantees you’ll find your perfect match. No need to hesitate – grab your blonde babe today!

BBW Sex Dolls

Are you on the lookout for a voluptuous vixen to bring some extra ass into your life? We’ve got the widest range of premium BBW dolls within our Rosemary sex doll collection. They are hot and ready to add that extra of everything – you just name it!

Do you want juicy breasts to play with all night or thick thighs and fat ass to squeeze while she’s riding you? Pick a stunning black sex doll or an exotic Latina, and you won’t have to go through a lonely, cold night ever again!

BBWs are not just about size but a celebration of luscious curves and a testament to beauty in every shape. With their full-size figures, they embody some contagious confidence that will change your mindset.

Each BBW doll is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of real human skin, using top-notch TPE and silicone materials. Experiment with sizes, colors, and textures, and create the voluptuous woman of your dreams. Get your BBW sex doll today, and let the curves do the talking!

BBW Sex Dolls
Cosplay Sex Dolls

Cosplay Sex Dolls

Unleash your fantasies with RosemaryDoll‘s mind-blowing cosplay doll collection! These dolls aren’t just any figures. They are your favorite characters brought to life with jaw-dropping detail.

Have you ever dreamt of sex with a confident assassin or a skilled samurai who bows only to you? Our cosplay dolls can make that happen.

Picture your celebrity crush, a sensual kitten, or your favorite manga character transformed into an anime sex doll – our diverse collection knows no bounds.

Let our cosplay and fantasy sex doll enchantresses bring some magic to your fingertips. They come with a sweet price tag, discreet delivery, and a bag full of gifts! Don’t miss out – order your dream cosplay doll now and let the desires unfold!

Skinny Sex Dolls

Whether you’re drawn to the charm of a runway model, a ballet dancer’s grace, or a gym girly’s athletic prowess, our skinny love dolls embody it all.

With strength and energy beyond their petite frames, our fit and toned dolls can also be soft and loving only for you, waiting to be cherished and treated like real-life women.

With the flexibility of a skilled performer, your skinny sex doll will always be ready to strike any pose with finesse. Tailor her with your preferred skin tone and hair color, and she’s all yours!

Indulge in the model-like charms of skinny sex dolls for men and explore their diverse customization features. Order now and bring home a slender beauty that will quench your thirst and drown you in pleasure!

Skinny Sex Dolls

Redefined Reality and Unmatched Quality

Rosemary doll models are renowned for blending cutting-edge technology and innovative design to bring you an unparalleled experience.

Our realistic sex dolls defy expectations while being able to adapt and strike a variety of poses with the newfound flexibility of the metal skeletons.

Paired with the velvety smoothness of ultra-soft body parts, mimicking the gentle feel of human skin, the result is a tactile journey you won’t be able to keep your hands off.

When it comes to high-quality products, we understand that material choice is paramount, and that’s what sets us apart from the crowd. Crafted meticulously from top-tier silicone and TPE material, our best sex dolls are incredibly lifelike.

RosemaryDoll love dolls are enduring, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and built to last. Given proper care, they’re loyal companions ready to stand the test of time and bring pleasure into your life for as long as you want them around.

When it comes down to nuances, TPE sex dolls are cost-effective and incredibly realistic, but they may be prone to stains and a bit sensitive to heat.

On the other hand, silicone dolls, while pricier, offer hyper-realistic appearances and easy maintenance. Your choice can be shaped by preference and budget, but is guaranteed to be a perfect fit.

Redefined Reality and Unmatched Quality

If you’re still not sure about the ideal option for you and if the product you’ll receive will be exactly how you imagine it to be, navigating through customer reviews and recommendations can offer invaluable insights.

Testifying RosemaryDoll’s great service and support, Sergio says: ‘’They have the perfect customer support, explaining all steps, answering all questions quickly, trying to fulfill custom requests, etc. And the prices are top with discounts.’’

Praising our sex dolls’ realistic appearance, Glenn adds: ‘’This is our second purchase from RosemaryDoll. Our Starpery 156cm is so realistic I keep expecting her to turn her head and start talking. She’s gorgeous!’’

The Art of Sex Doll Customization

At RosemaryDoll, customization isn’t a luxury or a privilege – it’s a given. Partnering with the best sexdoll brands, we offer you the chance to tailor a full-body sexdoll model that’s uniquely yours.

Comfort Meets Innovation: Practical Features

Rosemary doll personalization possibilities go way beyond appearance. They extend to innovative technologies and groundbreaking functionalities. Go for a fuck doll with a body heating system that will wrap you in warmth akin to human touch.

You can further enhance her with a top-notch breathing system, getting yourself a companion that will breathe gently beside you. Add our free practical functionalities to the mix, such as standing feet or articulated fingers, and elevate your experience to the next level.

What’s more, some sex doll brands introduce extremely convenient traits like reduced weight, removable vagina, and detachable legs for versatility and ease of storage and maintenance.

They can intertwine seamlessly with the auto-blow job, ROS, electric hips, and multiple other customization alternatives to maximize your pleasure.

Custom Sex Dolls

Igniting Passion: Epic Fashion Statements

If you seek to reignite the spark with your love doll, explore fancy wigs for a fresh hairstyle or a brand-new head with features to make your heart flutter. As authorized resellers of renowned sex doll brands, we offer an array of doll head options fitting your chosen body perfectly.

Whether you’re drawn to long hair that you can pull during your intimate encounters or prefer short locks to play with, your choice of hairstyle adds a layer of style and personal image to your babe.

Luckily, each brand offers a variety of hair color and haircut options while taking the game to another level and allowing for even more realistic synthetic or human hair transplants.

We also cater an epic collection of doll clothing, specially designed for the unique shape of your life-size sex doll, allowing you to make a fashion statement. You can completely transform your doll’s persona with cosplay costumes like a Western sheriff, Caribbean pirate, bloody nurse, ghost bride, and beyond.

Let your doll shine uniquely, and don’t miss the opportunity to spice up your sex life.


As your ultimate choice in the realistic sex dolls industry, RosemaryDoll stands out through our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our devotion to delivering the best sex dolls and sex toys extends beyond the mere transaction – it’s a promise for a seamless experience.

From discreet packaging and swift global shipping to a privacy policy that protects your information, we prioritize your needs and security at every step. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the meticulous craftsmanship, and our warranty process ensures that your trust is appreciated.

Discover a world where your preferences and satisfaction matter. Choose RosemaryDoll as your top destination for sex dolls, and let us redefine your expectations.

Unmatched Commitment to Quality

At RosemaryDoll, we are committed to providing you with absolute assurance in the quality of our products. We’ve integrated insurance coverage into our shipping process to underline this commitment, offering protection against potential loss or damage.

In the rare instance of a mistake during your online order processing or a noticeable defect in your doll upon arrival, we’re dedicated to making it right at no extra cost to you. Whether rectifying the issue or replacing your love doll entirely, your satisfaction is our biggest concern.

1. Prompt Inspection Upon Delivery

We strongly encourage a thorough inspection immediately upon receiving your sex doll. This ensures that your order aligns with your expectations and meets our rigorous quality standards.

2. Reporting a Defect or Difference

Please provide a prompt report in the unlikely event of an error or significant difference. Clear photographs illustrating the issue are immensely helpful for a smooth process. Please submit this report within 24 hours of receiving your order.

3. Eligibility for Compensation

If it’s decided that you are eligible for compensation, we advise you to refrain from further use of the sex doll. Keep it in pristine, unused condition with its original box and packaging materials, as we cannot accept returns of used dolls.

Swift Global Shipping

Discover the world of swift and seamless global shipping with RosemaryDoll! We understand the importance of a timely delivery experience, and we’ve honed our process to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Enjoy FREE Shipping by UPS and FedEx for all dolls, a service available worldwide!

1. Production Time

Once your payment is received, we kickstart the crafting process in just 24 hours. For a TPE sex doll, your order will be ready for shipping in 1-2 weeks, while silicone sex dolls can take a bit longer, typically between 3-5 weeks.

The production timeline also varies based on your doll’s customization level, and we’ll even send you confirmation photos before shipment.

2. Shipping Time

Once the production phase is finished, your fuck doll begins its journey straight from the warehouse to your doorstep. While shipping duration can fluctuate based on production intricacies, anticipate delivery within 7-12 business days.

We’ll keep you in the loop with a tracking number sent to your email, ensuring you can monitor your package’s progress. Just sit back and relax – your sweetheart will be with you soon!

3. Custom Fees

We offer assistance throughout your purchase, ensuring a worry-free experience. In most countries, we now handle all customs duties for you.

Note that the US and certain European and Asian countries do not impose import taxes and fees. For more details, reach out to us at [email protected]. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to assist every step of the way! Click for more details.

Ultimate Discretion

At RosemaryDoll, we prioritize discretion in every aspect of your purchase, and we’ve taken measures to uphold your security through our discreet packaging, Privacy Policy, and safe transactions.

Discreet Packaging

Your order will arrive in a plain carton box with no external labels revealing the content. We ensure complete confidentiality from the moment of shipping to delivery. Your privacy remains safe with us.

Privacy Policy

We value your trust in us, and our commitment to your privacy is unwavering. RosemaryDoll owns the information collected on this site, and we do not sell, rent, or share it with any other company for marketing purposes.

Our privacy policy adheres to the highest safety, security, and confidentiality standards.

  • What Personal Data We Collect and Why: We collect data through comments, uploaded media, contact forms, and embedded content. This information is retained to facilitate the recognition and approval of follow-up comments. The personal information of registered users is securely stored and can be managed at any time.
  • Your Rights Over Your Data: If you have an account or leave comments, you can request an exported file of your data or ask for its deletion. While we retain some data for administrative, legal, or security purposes, your control over your information is guaranteed.

Secure Online Transactions

Your online transactions are safeguarded through various payment methods we offer for your convenience.

  • Credit Card & Debit Card: Pay directly using your Credit Card or Debit Card for a seamless transaction.
  • PayPal Payment: Utilize PayPal for a secure payment experience. Connect your bank account for added flexibility.
  • ‘Pay in 4’ with PayPal (US, UK, DE, FR, AU, ES, & IT): We’ve partnered with PayPal to offer ‘Pay in 4’, allowing you to split your purchase into 4 payments with added convenience.
  • Layaway/Multi-Card Payment: Take advantage of our interest-free layaway option, applicable worldwide. Lock in your favorite best-brand sex doll and pay over a period that suits you — no interest, no hidden fees, just a hassle-free way to make your dream doll yours.
Sex Dolls Best Quality High Quality - RosemaryDoll

High Quality & Genuine Dolls Guarantee

With medical silicone and TPE material, metal skeleton and flexible joints for many positions, we ensure safely human use. All of the branded sex dolls you purchased on rosemarydoll.com are 100% authentic sex dolls ONLY. NO COUNTERFEIT HERE!

Sex Dolls Privacy Protection - RosemaryDoll

Privacy Protection

Order information is encrypted. The doll will be packed in a plain carton box. There is no label on the box that may reveal the content. Nobody knows what’s inside.

Sex Dolls Best Offer - RosemaryDoll

Best Offers & Price Guarantee

Sales directly from the manufacturer with most cost-effective, free-shipping worldwide.mIf you buy on RosemaryDoll and then find exact same doll with a better price from a competitor within 48 hours, we'll cover 100% of the difference!



Yes, RosemaryDoll store is legit. RosemaryDoll is a new international and professional adult doll vendor. We’re the official authorized vendor of TPE/Silicone sex dolls, and we have cooperated with many famous brand sex doll manufacturers, such as WM, YL, SE and etc. View our doll brand authorization certificate here.

RosemaryDoll is a new international and professional adult doll vendor. We’re the official authorized vendor of TPE/Silicone sex dolls, and we have cooperated with many famous brand sex doll manufacturers, such as WM, YL, SE and etc. View our doll brand authorization certificate here.

All of the branded sex dolls you purchased on rosemarydoll.com are 100% authentic sex dolls ONLY. We have got authorization certificates from multiple TDF accredited manufacturers. Some manufacturers don’t provide certificates, but you can track all your orders from the original manufacturers. NO COUNTERFEIT HERE! So… if you’re looking for a REAL sex doll, you’re in the right place.

RosemaryDoll aims to provide you the best online sex doll shopping experience by offering high-quality affordable sex dolls with great customer service. We’re the leading online sex doll site worldwide offering a wide variety of dolls to satisfy the diverse tastes of our customers today. All of the lifelike sex dolls we sell are made from medical grade TPE or Silicone material. In addition, we provide customization options for any real doll of your choice to match your sexual fantasies.

Have fun as you sample through some of our top collections!

Yes, adult-looking dolls are legal in every western country. All sex dolls on RosemaryDoll.com are legit, please rest assured to buy.

1. Select and Customize Your Sex Doll
Feel free to ask us any questions here.

2. Payment Process
We provide the following payment methods for your doll:

3. Production
It takes 1-3 weeks depending on the brand you select to produce a sex doll.

4. Confirmation
We show you pictures of your sex doll for confirmation before we arrange the shipment.

5. Shipping & Customs
We send a tracking number to your email box within 3-4 days once your doll is shipped. The delivery takes 7-12 business days. In some countries import taxes might be required at delivery. It usually ranges from $100 to $200 and up, depending on the doll. You’re responsible for import taxes and fees. Learn more about our shipping guide here.

6. Delivery & Review
When you receive your sex doll, you need to take good care of your sex doll during use and handling. Learn more about sex dolls cleaning & care from here! If your sex doll has any defects when receiving it and has not been used in any way, we can arrange the doll been returned as long as you notify us within 24 hours of receiving your doll. Read our return policy here. If you’re satisfied with our service and product, send us your reviews.

RosemaryDoll guarantees free worldwide shipping! We’re transparent in our pricing, ensuring there are no concealed fees to surprise you. Customs regulations may include taxes that vary depending on your destination country’s laws and are the buyer’s responsibility.
We use high-quality silicone and TPE, along with metal skeletons and flexible joints that ensure safety and enjoyment. Our materials are safe, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. They are incredibly lifelike and built to last.

If you want to change or cancel your order, forward your request to [email protected] at your earliest convenience. The rates for cancellation and restocking fees depend on the timing of your request.

If you cancel your order within 4 hours, you are eligible for a 93% refund. If you do it within 24 hours, you will receive an 80% refund.

Orders for custom sex dolls cannot be canceled at any point, and we are unable to provide refunds for them.

Duties and taxes are subject to customs controls and may vary according to the laws of the country we ship to. We offer assistance throughout your purchase, ensuring a worry-free experience. In most countries, we now handle all customs duties for you. Click for more details.

Once payment has been made, we start produce your doll within 24 hours. Your doll should be ready for shipping within 7-14 days and delivery normally takes 7-12 business days. Custom dolls can take up to a month to produce depending upon the options you chose. Most dolls arrive after 2-3 weeks of placing your order.

For most sex doll players, one of the hardest decisions before ordering a realistic sex doll is to consider the material of the sex doll, especially for new buyers. In this blog, we will relay some accurate analysis and comparison between TEP and Silicone sex dolls, guiding you to make a more reasonable decision. Click here to learn more.

A sex doll is a highly authentic sex toy, and its main function is for sex. In the past, inflatable dolls have been mentioned in many movies and reports. With the revolution of technology, the current realistic dolls (usually made of silicone or TPE) came into being. They are even more beautiful than real people, with long legs, small waist, big boobs, and a small face. Like many male dream lovers, sexy, glamorous, pure and healing. As long as there is a need, they can become your lover, wife or whatever you want. Click here to learn more.

In modern society, human beings are no longer willing to suppress their desires. They are eager to break the shackles of their sexuality and pursue free sex. The advent of sex dolls made it possible for everyone to experience this sexual happiness equally.

However, buying a sex doll is a big investment for everyone, so we want to make sure that you get the most out of it. We’ll cover everything you need to know about using a sex doll. Click here to learn more.