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About Zelex Silicone Sex Dolls

Zelex, established in 2013, is one of the best silicone doll brands in the industry. Many people think of them as “newbies,” but they’ve actually been making sex dolls for 10 years. They specialize in HD silicone dolls, and strive for perfect craftsmanship with every detail flawless.

Zelex sex dolls are made from real human models with the most realistic features and proportions. And the wax-level craftsmanship gives these silicone beauties a unique feel and quality. If you want to buy a doll that looks exactly like the one in the promotional picture, we highly recommend you choose a Zelex silicone doll.

ZELEX Factory 2
ZELEX Factory

ZELEX New Inspiration Series

The Inspiration Series not only retains the exquisite makeup and body details of ZELEX’s previous products but also pays attention to customers’ opinions and upgrades the details of the products, adding an exclusive design of realistic mouth structure and movable jaw for a more natural feel. They have combined 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to create softer breasts and kneadable buttocks comparable to actual humans, which are vibrant and dynamic. At the same time, to meet users’ personalized needs, they added a split vagina with replaceable labia. In addition, to make the doll can stay with you longer, ZELEX develop a new color sealing process so that the makeup of the head and body is more solid and durable than previous products. (Click here to learn more!)

Zelex X165 Gel-filled Buttock Softness Demo

Inspiration Series – Gel Butt/Soft Butt is only available for 175cm & 170cm & 165cm & X165cm Silicone bodies.

Inspiration Series – Movable Jaw is only available for GE115, GE114, GE108, GE107, GE97, GE94, GE95, GE45, GE53, GE16, GE14, GE07, GE03 & GE02 soft Silicone heads.

Zelex Silicone Sex Dolls Options

1. Body Type

At we bring you 7 of the hottest Zelex body types: 148cm A-cup, 151cm A-cup, 155cm C-cup, 165cm -cup, 167cm E-cup, 170cm C-cup, and 172cm F-cup.

Please note that we do not sell dolls under 145 cm due to legal regulations.

Now let’s get into the specifications of each body type.

2. Zelex Sex Doll Measurements

3. Zelex Sex Doll Head

By default, Zelex will send you 2 silicone heads: one soft head and one hard head. For example, if you only select one hard head, you will get the same soft head.

Soft Head v.s Hard Head

The soft silicone head has an 8cm – 10cm deep oral opening for oral sex. The soft-touch makes the doll’s lips more comfortable to kiss.

1) You can only add hair implants or eyebrow implants to the hard head.
2) The makeup on the silicone soft heads is less durable.

We have access to all Zelex sex dolls, so if you do not find a doll on our website, please contact our team and we will definitely give you a satisfactory quote.

4. Zelex Hair Transplant: Synthetic Hair vs. Real Human Hair

5. Breasts/Oral/Jelly Butt Softness Test

How does ZELEX make the breasts soft for your ultimate experience? Precise control on the gel breast—— the secret is the 3D printing skill. 😎 

6. New Articulated Fingers Option

The new articulated fingers option is now available for all Zelex silicone bodies.

Hard hands are the perfect solution to the problem of finger bones poking through the skin. All ZELEX sex dolls on our site now have hard hands by default.

7. Realistic Custom Makeup

Zelex freckle
tan line

Humanlike body details that you can hardly see elsewhere —— that’s how ZELEX creates an extreme lifelike experience for you😜

8. Weight Reduction

Zelex only provides weight reduction models by default. The weights shown on our website are after weight loss, which is lighter and easier to move.

9. Metal Skeleton of Zelex Doll

5.Metal Skeleton of Zelex Doll

Range of Motion

ZELEX Range of Motion

10. Auto Vagina Clamping and Sucking of Zelex Doll

11. EXP Skeleton

The new EXP skeleton has launched! The EXP ( “expression”) skeleton is an expanded version of the traditional EVO skeleton, enabling ZELEX GIRLS to perform more natural and lifelike movements, conveying richer emotions.


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