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Bringing all of your erotic fantasy longings to life is no longer impossible! Doll House 168 (a.k.a. DH168) is a love doll manufacturer from Taiwan specializing in ultra-realistic, fantasy-inspired sex TPE dolls.

This premium manufacturer, driven by customer feedback, strongly focuses on manga, anime, and hentai.

Dollhouse 168 is a brand with a distinct style, expressed in the form of three outstanding series of dolls: classic, EVO, and their latest 2019 series featuring a brand new design of love dolls. These enticing pleasure muses are made from Platinum TPE or medical-grade silicone, ensuring every interaction feels uncannily lifelike.

It is not just the level of realism that Dollhouse dolls capture originally. They draw inspiration for their models from popular pop culture, like the characters from the Dead or Alive (DOA) video game.

Pick your favorite from our RosemaryDoll catalog now and allow DH168 dolls to stir up your sexual imagination and blur the line between fantasy and real life.

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Doll House 168 Authorization

Doll House 168 Certificate 2023

Doll House 168 Best-Selling Doll at RosemaryDoll

Doll House 168 - Christie

One incredibly lifelike best-selling anime bombshell is the best-selling Christie, which we proudly host at RosemaryDoll.

She is always ready to lead you into the world of sweet, erotic Hentai pleasures, complete with a mind-blowing orgasmic cherry on top.

Enjoy sucking the nipples of her H-cup gel breasts as you fondle her textured vagina before indulging in one sheer rush of pleasure after another while staring at her mesmerizing, sky-blue eyes.

Explore the Dollhouse 168 Love Dolls Collection at RosemaryDoll

Doll House 168 - Rin


Rin is a playful Asian sex doll with a sparkling smile and a toned body, eager to show you everything you can do with her courtesy of the cutting-edge EVO skeleton.

Rin features a coated lip finish and an enhanced, textured mouth with a tongue that is going to send an arousing shudder throughout your body as you reach ecstasy.


Acing for your undivided attention and ready for everything is Rebecca, a sex doll with a TPE body that provides a soft yet firm feeling when you touch and caress her glorious J-cup boobs.

Make her your own by choosing from the numerous hairstyles offered at RosemaryDoll, including pubic hair type and color.

Doll House 168 - Rebecca
Doll House 168 - Sasa


We are pleased to introduce you to Sasa, a Japanese “sexecutioner” guaranteed to transfix you with her trim body.

Crazy with lust more than anyone should, her 6-inch deep vagina is eager to welcome you to satisfy all your sexual aches completely guilt-free.

Explore the standing feet option we offer at RosemaryDoll for even more carnal excitement with Sasa.

Explore the Dollhouse 168 Love Dolls Collection at RosemaryDoll

Doll House 168 sex dolls move the needle in terms of the standard of love dolls. They offer high-quality, customizable, mainly TPE dolls at a very reasonable price range.

Classic Series

The debut series that launched the brand in 2015 features a slick design with an incredibly realistic body sculpt and throbbing-inducing proportions. An M16 neck and head fitting system allows you to switch heads easily, even across brands.

Evo Series

The Doll House 186 EVO series took the EVO skeleton to a different level, allowing squatting, a shoulder that can shrug, and a never-before-witnessed range of motion. This is before even mentioning the built-in wireless touch sound sensors.

2019 Series

A modern series with specifications based on customer feedback. All dolls in these series are exclusively made from high-grade TPE, representing anime and Japanese fantasy characters.

How Realistic are DH168 Love Dolls?

Several crucial features allow Doll House 168 to claim the mantle of the brand with the most realistic love dolls, emphasized by their dedication to bringing fictional characters to life.

  • Virgin Dolls: DH186 pioneered the addition of a hymen to your doll for an unforgettable experience.
  • New TPE Formula: This platinum TPE is odorless, realistically firm, and still flexible enough to accommodate every type of manipulation.
  • State-of-the-art EVO Skeleton: DH 168 crafts advanced articulated skeletons optimized for movement, providing added realism, like realistic body height and free-standing feet.


What Is the Best Way to Warm Up My Sex Doll?

For those dolls that do not have a built-in body heating feature, you can use an electric blanket or USB heating stick to warm your doll from the inside.

Can My Sex Doll Sit, Stand, and Hold Positions?

Yes, DH 186 dolls have an extended range of motion, allowing them to hold many different positions. The free-standing option is available as an add-on at RosemaryDoll.

How Does Kissing a Doll House 168 Sex Doll Feel?

Just like the real deal, Doll House 168 dolls have soft and realistic facial features and a detailed mouth cavity.

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