SEDOLL, founded in 2016, is one of the most premium TPE sex doll makers. It is a multinational corporation company and its main production base is in Shenzhen, China. And it has 2 global business offices in America and China.

They have always been the most fashion-forward, specializing in female sex dolls, and most of their bodies and heads are very popular. Their full-size dolls vary in style, among which anime sex dolls and Asian sex dolls stand out.

In the 2nd quarter of 2020, SEDOLL released its new revolutionary moving sex robots. These sex robots can perform spinal movements via a three-speed remote control to facilitate penetration of the mouth, vagina, and anus.

As one of the top sex doll brands, SEDOLL has constantly been upgrading and enriching its sex dolls’ upgraded options, such as articulated fingers, heating, moaning function, etc., to provide customers with hyper-realistic sex dolls that are infinitely close to real people.

Note*: Both WM dolls and SE dolls are made by JinSan factory. SE sex dolls feature M16 head connectors compatible with all WM dolls.

Now let’s dive into the sex doll options of SEDOLL!

SEDOLL offers the four most common doll skin tones: Dark Tan, Light Tan, Natural, and White.

SEDOLL offers the four most common doll skin tones: Dark Tan, Light Tan, Natural, and White.

If you prefer a particular skin tone, such as red, purple, etc., you can choose to customize it. SEDOLL can satisfy all your wild fantasies. 

You can directly tell us the skin tone you want in the order notes.

SEDOLL customized skin tone
SEDOLL Articulated Fingers

The articulated fingers upgrade is carefully designed with sturdy metal joints and rounded tips to protect the finger skin from being easily punctured.

3. Moaning & Heating Function

Normally, the motion sensors are installed inside the doll. The sound device is attached to the head or other body parts of the doll. It is manually controlled via switches/buttons. Once pressed, your doll will make moaning sounds when touching or moving her. Click here to learn more about the moaning function!

For sex dolls with an internal heating system, they have wires throughout the doll’s torso and private area. Plug the doll into the wall outlet and the temperature will rise to the set temperature in about 20-30 mins. (Related Blog: How to Use Internal Heating System )

4. Fixed Tongue

In addition to enhancing realism, sex dolls with tongues can also perform oral sex.

SEDOLL Regular Mouth

For silicone sex dolls, you can’t choose tongue, replaceable vagina, and heating options.

  • Oral sex with silicone head dolls is not recommended, which is easy to damage the head.
  • Silicone material itself does not conduct heat.
  • The detachable vagina needs to be pushed hard, and it is easy to tear the lower body.

5. Realistic Body Painting

Realistic body painting mainly simulates the texture of real skin, such as blood vessels, freckles, and even blemishes.

Hardened hands & feet and ultra-soft breasts & hips are upgradeable options for only SEDOLL silicone dolls.

Hardened Hands & Feet for SEDOLL

6. Hardened Hands & Feet - More durable, more realistic

Hard hands have reinforcement on the fingers and wrists that greatly protect them from stress and other injuries. The hands are sturdy enough to support some of their own weight and even do some poses that require wrist support.

Hardened feet can stand without studs! 

Ordinary dolls need studs under their feet to stand. However, the studded feet are may wear down the shoes or the floor if you leave your doll standing too long.

7. Ultra-soft Hip & Breasts

Silicone dolls are harder than TPE due to their durability. And the hard boobs and butts will greatly reduce the realism of touch. The super-soft breasts and buttocks option is a perfect complement for silicone dolls. With these options, your doll’s chest and buttocks feel as soft as water or jelly.

8. Auto Blowjob

Auto Blowjob is only available for 148cm, 150cm, 158cm and 163cm SE sex dolls.