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AngelKiss Dolls New Year Sales 2024

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+ FREE 2ND Head
+ FREE Gel Breasts
+ FREE Silicone ROS(#50/#59/#60/#63/#64/#198/#266/#273)
+ FREE Hyper-realism Body Painting
+ FREE Articulated Fingers
+ FREE Standing Feet
+ FREE Ultra Soft Boobs
+ FREE Ultra Soft Butt
+ FREE Ultra Soft Thigh
+ FREE Ultra Soft Vagina
+ FREE Removable Vagina

NOTE*: All AngelKiss doll prices adhere to the AngelKiss factory's minimum price standards. If you find lower prices on other websites, please contact us here.

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Buy a Best-Selling AngelKiss Doll Available at RosemaryDoll

Whatever your sexual preferences are, you’ll find your perfect match at RosemaryDoll; we make sure to satisfy the needs of our pickiest clients. Angel Kiss sex dolls deliver an array of infinite possibilities with their top-notch customizable features.

These silicone doll models may be completely personalized to follow your preferences, allowing you to build the love doll of your hidden sexual desires.

Plus, if you buy an AngelKiss doll now, you get a special discount on a breathing feature, so your sex doll looks and feels just like an actual person.

The Ultimate Guide to AngelKiss Dolls

Explore the Unique Traits and Features of AngelKiss Dolls at RosemaryDoll

With Angel Kiss sex dolls, you have the freedom to create a truly personalized and lifelike companion that caters to your unique preferences and desires.

Immerse yourself in a world of pleasure and intimacy with sex doll specifications tailored to your exact specifications.

  • Height options: Preference is everything. And when it comes to sex dolls, how tall they are plays a role in that. Angel Kiss knows this, which is why they have an array of height options available. Whether you want something more petite or a taller companion, they've got you covered.
  • Realistic facial features: When looking at an Angel Kiss sex doll, you’ll find the beauty and allure of a real human in its facial features. They’ve spent hours crafting details from its striking eyes to soft lips, making it lifelike and captivating at first sight.
  • Lifelike skin texture: One of the biggest giveaways that something isn’t real is its texture. But with an Angel Kiss love doll, you can’t tell the difference between its skin and human skin.


Will My Neighbors Know What’s Being Delivered to Me?

No, you can rest assured no one will know there is a love doll in the package you’re receiving. We ship our dolls in plain cardboard boxes with no labels.

Where Do I Store My Sex Doll? Can I Keep It in the Bathroom?

The best way to store your doll is in a dark, dry space, so the bathroom is not a good idea.

What Do I Get with My AngelKiss Doll?

Your AngelKiss sex doll will come packed with one wig, one comb, sexy lingerie chosen at random, a vaginal cleaning product, and an English manual.

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