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Rosemary Doll is your partner in creating a love companion with high-quality materials, for an affordable price and astonishing features. Rosretty Sex Dolls is one of the best manufacturers of adult products that have changed the global market. This is a brand with innovative and realistic designs that aim to enrich your love life.

The reason behind the popularity of these attractive companions is their ability to deliver high-pleasure sexual experiences. Using their specific add-ons, Rosretty’s sex dolls represent life-like partners that will take you on a wild adventure and fulfill your deepest fantasies.

Rosretty pays great attention to details, tailoring their sex dolls to make you reach an orgasm in no time. They are the beginning of a new era and are already revolutionizing the market of adult products.

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Choose Your Favorite Rosretty Sex Doll

We all have our deep, dark fantasies that no one knows about. The Rosretty dolls can make all of those come true and more. Choose between BBW sex dolls and skinny ones, babes with perfect curves and big breasts – Rosretty has so much to offer.

Customize your perfect vixen and choose from many free or affordable add-ons to create the perfect figure for your seductress. Asian babes, tanned beach beauties, or temptresses with delicious chocolate skin can be all yours.

  • 4ft11 / 150cm A-cup TPE Sex Doll – Sara Attlee
  • 5ft4 / 162cm F-cup TPE Sex Doll – Alice DIckens
  • 5ft3 / 160cm C-cup Silicone Head Sex Doll – Penny Whit
  • 5ft3 / 161cm D-cup Silicone Head Sex Doll – Bloomfield
  • 4ft10 / 148cm D-cup Silicone Sex Doll – Gustave

Each of these love dolls is crafted to provide the most realistic experience. From implementing facial features to detailed body structures, these dolls are a true work of art. Choose a girl next door or a doll resembling a mature woman from Rosretty to keep you company.

Personalized Rosretty Sex Dolls

Rosretty is a brand that creates sex dolls that correspond to the customers’ deepest desires and help fulfill their personal sexual fantasies. At Rosemary Doll, we have a Rosretty love doll for everyone – big bobs and skinny body types, Asian women, and chubby sex dolls.

Personalize your companion with a standard or paid add-on to represent the woman of your dreams. Choose the head and create a mature sex doll with the look of an Asian or a Latina, and get an extra head for free. There are also other options ranging from big breasts to skinny sex dolls.

Free Customization Options

Customers can choose from various add-ons to tailor the look of the TPE or silicone doll they have chosen. To maximize the looks and pleasures, consider the following free option to navigate your sexual experience with Rosretty sex doll:

  • Extra head
  • Haircut
  • Skin tone
  • Eye color
  • Nail color
  • Nipple and areola color
  • Vagina color
  • Skeleton type

Facial Look

Rosretty pays special attention to the facial features of every sex doll. Customize the preferred eye color and choose between a textured mouth or the tongue option. The attention to detail is so perfected and realistic that the doll opposite you will drive you crazy by simply looking at you, just like a real woman.


Rosretty has implemented many hair variations. You can tailor the doll as your Rosretty blonde sex doll and add an interchangeable haircut with an extra head. If you want to interact with different babes, then choose a different head or wig that you will get for free.

Body Details

Giving the option to choose a skin tone and the general look of the body, the customer can create the hottie from their fantasies. Perfect body curves and the option to pick the EVO-type skeleton will produce a sex doll with the best look and improved functions.

The body details make these dolls so real you won’t be able to stop looking at them. Whether it is a silicone or TPE sex doll, its look and skin are so vivid. A high-quality love doll is a product that the customer gets with many functions that contribute to endless nights of sweating between the sheets.

Premium Options of Rosretty Sex Dolls

Most Rosettry Dolls come with additional add-ons that you can use to spice things up in the bedroom. Considering preferences, the below-listed alternatives allow you to create your perfect realistic sex doll:

  • Soft Silicone head
  • Auto vagina clamping and sucking
  • Auto blow job
  • Electric hip and waist
  • Movable jaw
  • Oral sucking option
  • Moaning option
  • Sexy lingerie

Use these premium options to customize your chubby sex doll or just about any doll. For a more pleasurable experience, add the heating option and articulated fingers. Using the premium hyper-realism body painting will make your babe look even more real.

Choose Quality Materials

Rosretty sex dolls are made from two types of materials: TPE, or thermoplastic elastomer, and silicone. Both offer a ton of benefits, but you get to choose the one that matches your preference.

Dolls made of TPE are considered to be more lifelike, and the material is cheaper, making the dolls more affordable. Silicone lasts longer and retains its shape and tone more than TPE-created products.

Gustave is the perfect example of a silicon BBW love doll, while Sara Attlee is a Japanese sex doll made of TPE. Equip your beauty with a big butt and big breasts, but you can also choose mature sex dolls made of the above-listed materials.

Additional Benefits

Visit our website to browse the sex dolls and choose one (or more) to get a coupon. That is not all! With every custom-ordered doll, the customer gets sexy underwear and a pair of socks for FREE.

To really show that Rosretty’s goal is achieving great sexual pleasure, we offer even more as a bonus. Make your order, leave a review of the product, and get a free care kit. The kit will help you take good care of the companion beside you.

Comparing Rosretty and Other Brands on the Market

Rosretty is considered one of the best manufacturers of sex dolls in the world. The products are realistic, and the material provides longevity and many more options for improved sexual experience.

Many of Rosretty competitors make their sex dolls available to a small number of vendors. The cooperation between Rosretty and RosemaryDoll makes them available to customers worldwide.

Buy Your Perfect Rosretty Match

Rosretty sex dolls are the best option if you are looking for a flexible doll that you can experiment with. Try out different positions that you were too shy to try with a real partner. These babes are also affordable, unique, and made of quality materials that will keep you company for years to come.

Visit Rosemary Doll’s store today! Choose your next favorite sex partner and dive into a new adventure of your life.


Can I Trust Rosemary to Deliver Quality Dolls?

Certainly! RosemaryDoll has extensive experience in delivering high-quality products directly to your home. Our customers guarantee our quality.

How Do I Care for the Sex Doll?

Rosemary offers special care kits to care for your doll and enable longevity. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your doll can extend its lifespan.

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