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RosemaryDoll is proud to present a collection of unrivaled premium silicone sex dolls put together by a first-class design team at FanReal Doll. This manufacturer artfully combines state-of-the-art production technology and incredibly realistic artworks to embody the value of everyday beauty in the carnal vehicle that a sex doll is.

The FanReal factory has elevated the production of high-end full silicone dolls made from medical-grade silicone to new heights. They offer two distinct series of love dolls, covering every craving the market longs for. Whether you are into petite Asian-style sex dolls or luscious Western-style dolls that get your motor running, you’re in for a real treat!

FanReal dolls capture real-life mediocre beauty, introducing a new level of realism through the hyper-realistic feel of the dolls’ skin texture and their proportional built and expressive features. There is no time like the present to select the best one for you from our RosemaryDoll catalog!

Shop FanReal Dolls & Enjoy Extra Special Offers

+ FREE Realistic Head Painting
+ FREE Hyper-realism Body Painting
+ FREE Standing No Bolts/Hard Feet
+ FREE Ultra Soft Butt
+ FREE Ultra Soft Vagina
+ FREE Articulated Finger
+ FREE Hard Hand
+ FREE Implanted Eyebrows & Eyelashes
+ FREE Gel Breasts
+ FREE Reduce Weight
+ FREE Standing Feet
+ FREE Removable Vagina
+ FREE Movable Toes
+ FREE Automatic Love Holes Cleaning & Drying Douche for Sex Doll (Orig. $550)
+ FREE Premium Outfit (Including Sexy Lingeries and A Pair of Silicone Socks)

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FanReal Doll Authorization

FanReal Doll Authorization
FanReal Doll - Ling

Ling is a FanReal sex doll that immediately enchants and draws you in with a pair of delicious breasts spilling out of her F-cups and a set of implanted pubes to die for.

She has an unprecedented realistic body painting, which even includes faint blue veins for the ultimate look of realism.

This FanReal Doll feels and performs just like she looks, with movable toes and fingers, a movable jaw, ultra-soft thighs, and a FanReal signature hard hand feature that is going to send you into a passion-driven orgasmic trance on first touch.

Check her out at our RosemaryDoll collection and find out why she is such a bestseller!

FanReal Sex Dolls to Consider When Buying a Love Doll


Maria, for example, is a fiery Latina with a jiggly G-cup rack and the face of an angel.

Don’t be fooled by looks, though, as this dark-haired sex demon is down for anything at any time.

A premium reduced weight feature makes her easy to handle and position, allowing you easy access to her ultra-soft vagina and anus for an electrifying experience between the sheets.

FanReal Doll - Maria
FanReal Doll - Mo


Mo embodies the FanReal doll’s next-level realism with her hyper-realistic head painting, giving her lifelike rеsponsivеnеss and a magnetic charm.

An Asian-style silicone seductress with an EVO skeleton that further adds realism to her motions, Mo will lure you in with her innocent eyes and tiny mouth, engulfing you in world-shattering pleasure.


With free-standing feet that allow her to stand upright, the bewitchingly gorgeous MILF Eva offers a real foot-fetish treat through her movable toes.

Dive deep into her ultra-soft silicone anus, vagina, E-cup gel breast, and thighs any time you want to experience a sexual awakening.

Feel free to customize her further, selecting her eye color and pubic hair type or giving her the ability to moan while you’re having her way with her.

FanReal Doll - Eva

The Ultimate Guide to FanReal Dolls

Introduction To FanReal Doll

FanReal Doll Specifications and Features

Learn why Fan Real is such a sought-after Love doll manufacturer whose models we enjoy hosting in our RosemaryDoll collection:

  • Movable Body Parts. Every silicone Fan Real sex doll features movable toes, articulated fingers, and the option for a movable jaw, which introduces realistic motion during interactions.
  • Enhanced Softness. The high-quality silicone used to craft the dolls is ultra-soft, providing an unparalleled real tactile experience, particularly in the thigh, vaginal, anal, and breast areas.
  • Implanted Hair. Human or synthetic hair implanted on the head, pubic area, eyelashes, and eyebrows enhances the level of realism of a FanReal doll.

Are FanReal Love Dolls Realistic?

FanReal Dolls are all about bringing everyday beauty to life, with a realistic feel and touch as their highest priority.

Breathtaking Details

All FanReal dolls are made considering realistic head and body proportions that are usually missing from other sex dolls.

For example, the hard hand with articulated fingers provides an almost indiscernible feeling of a real hand, especially when paired with the body heating feature.

Realistic Head and Body Painting

The head and body painting of these dolls, done completely by hand, truly lifts them to a category of their own.

Already featuring a premium silicone body, the painting allows for the impression of age, variable skin texture, and emotion-filled facial expressions, which add fuel to the fire.

FanReal Doll Review



Is the Makeup Going to Fall Off?

The makeup is done using a special coating so it won’t fall off, but it may fade with time and repetitive use.

What Do I Get with My FanReal Doll?

With every purchase, we provide a free wig, comb, vaginal hygiene instrument, sexy underwear, and a user manual.

Can I Put Piercings on My Doll?

We can take care of adding jewelry to your FanReal Doll here at RosemaryDoll so you don’t damage it inadvertently.

Is There an Extra Cost for Implanted Hair?

Implanted human or synthetic hair costs extra, as it is a premium feature, but we offer free implanted eyebrows and eyelashes here at RosemaryDoll.

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