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Every expectation you’ve ever had about your sex life, every deepest urge or kink you have built up inside, you can now fulfill and release with our exquisite, realistic black sex dolls. We got them all, whether you are in for a curly-haired petite or a black BBW sex doll!

Each black sex doll at RosemaryDoll is unique, with customization options ranging from breast size to shape and color of the nails and the extended range of motion EVO skeleton options. Our African-American temptresses embody carnal temptation and are ready to give you as many blissfully intense orgasmic experiences as you can handle.

We value your privacy highly, so all transactions are quick, safe, and discreet. Don’t dwell on it any longer – buy an ebony sex doll from RosemaryDoll and enjoy mind-blowing sex whenever your desires flare up!

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Best Black Sex Dolls for Sale at RosemaryDoll

Black Sex Dolls - Zara Oscar

Zara Oscar

If you are into wild and fit beauties who are always ready for sweaty, steamy, wet sex, you love each black sex doll in our collection.

Zara Oscar is built like a fashion model and is horny as a pornstar. With D-cup sumptuous gel-filled breasts, this 5ft9 supple panther will keep you up for hours.

Gaze into her deep hazel eyes and take advantage of her enhanced and inviting mouth for a mind-altering oral experience.

Rip off her inviting and slightly revealing premium outfit and devour her in any position you want, going as hard as you can dare.


Laraine is our petite ebony mistress with afro curls to die for!

She is slim and slender, with firm, perky boobs which irresistibly invite you to caress them and a set of curly pubic hair that drives your imagination crazy.

The new RosemaryDoll ball-jointed hand skeleton she features will take your ecstatic sex doll ebony experiences to a whole different level.

Black Sex Dolls - Laraine
Black Sex Dolls - Lee Garden

Lee Garden

If you are into a Nubian queen with H-cup gel breasts and a big, bouncy ass, let Lee Garden seduce you into submission.

Her ginger-ish, curly hair, hyper-realistic body painting and freckles, and textured mouth set her apart from other black sex dolls.

It’s what makes this temptress a fierce and fiery nympho that will challenge your sex stamina.

How to Choose the Best Black Sex Doll

Not sure where to start? The doll should reflect your distinct preferences. We have a vast selection of seductresses that you can bang all through the night, so pick one that ticks all your boxes. Each black sex doll is made of silicone and TPE, guaranteeing you get only the highest quality materials.

The black silicone sex doll is a bit more expensive and sturdy, while TPE allows for maximum flexibility, which is crucial during intercourse. Both offer a realistic feel to the skin.

If you are specific about eye and hair color or a specific hairstyle, use the customization options to build the perfect black female sex doll just for yourself. Adjust the facial and body features to your preference, adding articulated finger joints, a heated body, moaning, and a removable vagina.

How Does it Feel to Have Sex With a Black Sex Doll

Spoiler alert: it feels unbelievably amazing! Having sex with a black sex doll is going to rock your world! The black sex dolls at RosemaryDoll are as realistic as they come, with a life-like feel both on the outside and the inside.

Our premium doll manufacturers ensure you reach a new level of physical pleasure. The ebony sex dolls are ready to fulfill all your fantasies. They are never judgemental, easy to position however you want, and anatomically correct in every way imaginable!

Enjoy continuous blowjobs and take advantage of the articulated joints and heating available as upgrades. You’re in for the best sex of your life!


How Realistic Are Black Sex Dolls?

All the ebony sex dolls at RosemaryDoll are designed to be a true depiction of living models. Paired with the premium materials we use, the result is a hyper-realistic look and feel.

Can I Get a Black Shemale Sex Doll?

Yes, you can buy and add an insertable penis to your black sex doll.

Is the Maintenance of Black Sex Dolls Different from Other Dolls?

No, you should clean and look after black sex dolls the same as any other doll – wash them regularly and use a sex doll cleaning kit.

Can I Use an Electric Blanket to Warm Up My Sex Doll?

If you have a doll with no body heating option, you can use an electric blanket. Still, you must be careful not to exceed 104 degrees (human body temperature). Around 15-20 minutes is more than enough, and a TPE doll will retain the heat for a while.