Enhance Your Experience with RosemaryDoll Sex Doll Accessories

The greatest fans of customized sex dolls like experimenting with the doll’s looks, outfits, heads, and other accessories. When inspiration hits, it’s time for a makeover, and RosemaryDoll has you covered!

The sex doll accessories section features a whole palette of accessories and clothes. Choose between heads that come in various shapes, tans, hairstyles, or oral features. If you are into costumes and steamy, sexy lingerie, choose the one that triggers your imagination.

Selecting one or more of RosemaryDoll’s accessories for sex dolls will spice up your love life and deepen the intimacy. To prepare your doll for your next bedroom adventure, you will also need a special cleaning kit to help you keep it sparkling clean.

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Automatic Love Holes Cleaning & Drying Douche for Sex Doll


Elsababe Sex Doll Heads


WM Sex Doll Heads


SE Sex Doll Heads


6YE Sex Doll Heads


Starpery Sex Doll Heads


HR Sex Doll Heads


Irontech Sex Doll Heads


FunWest Sex Doll Heads


GameLady Sex Doll Heads


Irontech Sex Doll Silicone Heads


MLW Sex Doll Silicone Heads


MLW Sex Doll TPE Heads


Zelex Sex Doll Heads (New Inspiration Series)


RosemaryDoll TPE Care Kit


RosemaryDoll TPE Deluxe Care Kit


RosemaryDoll Silicone Care Kit


RosemaryDoll Silicone Deluxe Care Kit


Vaginal Irrigator


Sex Doll Wigs


Sex Doll Wigs For All TPE/Silicone Brands


Adjustable Head Connector Screw


M16 Push-Fit Head Adaptor


Sex Doll Head Stand


Sex Doll Head Stand


Sex Doll Penis Adaptor


Gothic Ram Horns Headdress


Sex Doll Body Hanging Bracket


Sex Doll Stand (120-175cm / 47.24-68.89in)


Sex Doll Wheelchair


Sex Doll Hooks For Storage


Electric Heating Blanket For Sex Doll


Sex Doll Waterproof Sheet (78.74in × 58.26in)


Sex Doll Stainless Steel Display Adjustable Holder


15.5cm/6in 2.03LB Silicone Penis Adaptor (Vibrating Dildo)


Silicone Sex Doll Penis Adaptor


Sex Doll Removable Vagina Insert


Flight Case for Sex Dolls


Storage Couch for Sex Dolls


Western Sheriff Cosplay Costume


Ghost Bride Cosplay Costume


Caribbean Pirate Cosplay Costume


Blood Nurse Cosplay Costume


WM Intelligent Cleaning Set


What Clothes and Accessories for Sex Dolls Do We Offer

Our sex doll accessories section is divided into 8 subsections to give your naughty beauties the best makeover.

Select from a plethora of seductive clothes or sexy and provocative lingerie, but don’t forget to get the best sex doll cleaning and storing supplies.

Premium Sex Doll Clothes for Steamy Encounters

Premium Sex Doll Clothes for Steamy Encounters

Choose any of our high-quality clothes and accessories for sex dolls to customize your companion for a steamy night of endless passion.

The nasty blood nurse cosplay costume comes with a polyester dress, hat, stethoscope, and a pair of white stockings. It’s the perfect match for an unforgettable and private cosplay!

The sheriff costume is one of our best-sellers in the clothes and accessories for sex dolls section. This costume, made of several parts, will look stunning on the luscious bodies of all our models.

Get your doll dressed up in satin and mesh with the ghost bride costume – the perfect option for goth fans. It comes in a short, sexy white satin dress, a veil, a choker necklace, and gloves.

High-Quality Sex Doll Wigs

Hairstyles can make or break the erotic feeling. Our specialized sex doll wigs can be personalized to your preferences.

Style it, braid it, or create a ponytail – whatever turns you on and offers a better grip on your love doll’s head.

We carry sexy wigs that work both on silicone and TPE materials.

Browse the 15 different sex doll wigs and find the perfect match for your doll.

High-Quality Sex Doll Wigs
High-Quality Sex Doll Cleaning Supplies

High-Quality Sex Doll Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your enchantresses clean is a top priority if you want to devour their bodies for endless hours of pleasure.

Using only the best sex doll cleaning supplies will provide deep and thorough cleaning of the love holes and extend the durability of your beauty.

Check out the vaginal irrigator. This small and practical unit allows manual cleaning of your doll’s vagina after long hours of sexual pleasure. Simply add cleaning liquid to the irrigator and squirt it inside the vaginal hole of your love doll.

We also offer more sophisticated automatic sex doll cleaning devices for more advanced cleaning.

The automatic cleaning and drying douche is 30 times faster than the manual irrigator, with up to 98% cleanliness. This device helps you clean the doll in bed without carrying it to the bath for deep cleaning.

Diverse Functions of Sex Doll Heads

The sex doll head section contains heads you can customize to have a more pleasurable oral experience. The Irontech sex doll heads come with a special automated sucking feature you can control with a remote. All you need to do is fix your position on the Irontech sex doll head and enjoy your oral experience hands-free.

There are also simpler options, like the non-automatic anime doll head, which comes with a textured oral hole or a realistic – with a tongue. The anime doll head can ignite a fire, resulting in the utmost sexual experience.

You can also find heads that match the material of the body. If you are a proud owner of Flavia, one of our TPE sex dolls, you can match the material of the body with a TPE sex doll head.

You can also find silicone sex doll heads with a super realistic look, touch, and features. There is also an option to include a tongue for the ultimate oral satisfaction or have a textured throat that offers perfect stimulation.

Diverse Functions of Sex Doll Heads
Sex Doll Caring Set

Sex Doll Caring Set

Cleaning and grooming your love doll is a must to guarantee your utmost satisfaction and fulfillment of your kinkiest desires.

Check out our cleaning sets section for basic care kits with essential products for doll maintenance.

These kits include a TPE repair solvent and stain remover, makeup remover, eyelash and nail glue for TPE, a plastic spatula, cotton pads, and swabs. These allow you to maintain and change the appearance of your love doll.

There is also a premium cleaning and repair kit that comes with a silicone repair solvent, water-based lube, reusable drying rod, vaginal irrigator, and other essentials.

Use the repair kit to keep your doll in top shape for your endless nights of pleasure.

Consider Sex Doll Removable Vagina Insert

The sex doll removable vagina insert is one of the most popular and sought-after sex doll accessories.

It provides the ultimate real-life sexual experience, and it is much easier to maintain its cleanliness.

There is an option to purchase a lubricant-free sex doll removable vagina, but it comes at an additional cost.

The pleasure of using a lub-free feature comes afterward and is worth every penny.

Consider Sex Doll Removable Vagina Insert
Suitable Sex Doll Storage for Your Love Doll

Suitable Sex Doll Storage for Your Love Doll

The accessories for sex dolls section also carry a hanging bracket and special hooks you can use to display your love doll and praise her beauty every time you see her.

Or she can wait for you on one of our adjustable holders where she can stand independently.

These accessories for sex dolls are a must-have to avoid damaging your temptress until you find better sex doll storage options.

You can also check out the storage case or storage box where you lay down your doll. The storage case is one of the best sex doll storage options to protect the doll from external damage, dust, prying eyes, or anything that will compromise the quality of your doll.

Types of Sex Accessories for TPE Love Dolls

TPE love dolls deserve a lot of attention, given the satisfaction they provide! Check out the sex accessories for TPE love dolls, starting with the cleaning kit.

Exceptional hygiene is a must to enjoy your doll during endless hours of pleasure. Check out the special maintenance products that are TPE-friendly. They are hard to find in other stores and help preserve the quality of the doll. Add these sex accessories for TPE love dolls to your must-have list.

TPE sex doll heads are also a hit if you wish to change the appearance of your hottie. You can choose sex doll heads with a tongue as an added feature for a more realistic approach. Don’t forget to get a cleaning kit to maintain its hygiene.

Ultimately, the grooming sex doll accessories include clothing that complements the TPE material, wigs, and unique hairstyles to refresh your old doll.

Additional Silicone Parts

One of the new arrivals in the silicone accessories parts section is the silicone penis adaptor.

Available in 6 and 10 inches, this vibrating dildo will definitely contribute to your steamy nights of endless pleasure.

If you are a fan of our Adonis Thomas, you will surely find this toy a great addition to your collection.

How to Buy Sex Doll Accessories

Shopping for sex doll clothes or sex doll accessories is easy and straightforward at our store. Follow a few simple steps, and you’ll have the accessories in no time.

1. Select Preferred Product

Choose one of the in-stock dolls or opt for one that you will customize based on your personal preference. Choose your doll heads, wigs, sex doll clothes, storage options, and cleaning kits. Click add to cart.

2. Proceed to Checkout

Proceed to checkout once you are done shopping. You will have to leave your personal information and email.

You can also leave any additional notes regarding the order to help us fulfill all your demands.

3. Select a Payment Method

RosemaryDoll offers popular payment options. You can pay for all the sex doll accessories with credit or debit cards, Visa and MasterCard, or Paypal.

4. Confirmation Email

After completing the order, you should receive an email to confirm it. Make sure that the address and other shipping information are correct, and click confirm.

5. Track Your Order

You will receive a tracking number for your order. This allows you to track the package to know when to expect the delivery.

6. Enjoy the Experience

Your package should arrive straight to your door in 7-12 business days.

The package is highly discreet in plain cartons, so no one can suspect what is inside. Make sure you unpack the products carefully to avoid any damage.

Enjoy endless nights with your new companion!

Ordering at RosemaryDoll is easy, like a breeze! Get your sex doll accessory now!


How Fast Can I Get Sex Doll Accessories Delivered?

The sex doll accessories should arrive in 7-12 business days. You will receive a tracking number after confirming your order, and you can track the order in real time.

What Sex Doll Storage Box Should I Choose?

The best storage box is the couch. Although it’s the priciest, this box fully camouflages the content inside and provides safe storage for the doll. In other words, this box is neat and protects the doll from dust exposure.

What Sex Doll Accessories Are In Stock The Most?

There are many sex doll accessories you can find in stock, depending on your preferences.

Cleaning kits and storing options are usually the accessories that sell the fastest, while the sex doll heads, wigs, and other features are always in stock.

What Are Sex Doll Accessories Made Of?

It depends on the type of accessory. The sex doll heads are made of TPE or silicone, while the clothes are made of polyester.

Some sex doll accessories include special technologies like auto-sucking mechanisms.

Can I Customize The Sex Doll Accessories According To My Doll?

Yes. We offer full customization because some sex dolls come in unique dimensions.

If you need a storage box for your doll, you will have to leave the exact dimensions for a perfect fit. The couch is a customizable accessory, while clothes come in fixed sizes – S, M, L, XL, etc.

What Do Customers Shop For Most As Sex Doll Accessories?

Cleaning and maintenance kits and sex doll heads are ranking high.

The heads feature an implemented auto-suction option that allows the ultimate oral satisfaction.

The doll comes with a tongue and teeth for a super realistic experience worth trying. Customers can control the speed and suction with a remote.