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RosemaryDoll’s love dolls can maintain long relationships with our customers. They provide unforgettable satisfaction because of their design and texture that take you to new heights with every penetration.

But love holes lose their quality if they are not properly maintained with appropriate tools. Just like any other sex toy, dolls must be deep cleaned, or they might become a health hazard. You need to purchase your very own cleaning kit ASAP!

Here at RosemaryDoll, we offer the best sex doll cleaning kit section with multiple tools and products to help you maintain the quality of your doll. From TPE sex doll cleaners to silicone sex doll cleaner recommendations – we’ve got you covered!

Our manual and automatic sex doll cleaning kits are some of the best on the market, offering a deep cleaning of your doll and helping you preserve the high-end quality material and texture of the love holes. Check out below our RosemaryDoll cleaning kit products and pick the most suitable for you!

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Automatic Love Holes Cleaning & Drying Douche for Sex Doll


Vaginal Irrigator


WM Intelligent Cleaning Set


Most Popular Sex Doll Cleaning Kits for Sale at RosemaryDoll

Level up your fantasies with our toys – take a look at our Extra sex doll heads for the ultimate oral satisfaction. What makes these toys so appealing is the auto blow job feature! Yes, you read that right. This sex accessory allows you the perfect oral satisfaction hands-free. Plus, they come with a remote control, so you can change the speed or intensity. Direct them as you wish, and they will take it all with no objections.

However, to do their job right, you should keep your sex doll accessories in tip-top shape using your sex doll cleaning kit. And if you haven’t been able to find a good one, we offer the best cleaning sex doll solutions on the sex toy market.

Check out our top-selling products for sex-doll cleaning below as we discuss them in detail:

The Vagina Irrigator Sex Doll Cleaner

The Vagina Irrigator Sex Doll Cleaner

If you own our Removable Vagina Insert, you probably know what makes them a top seller. If not, you definitely have to try the textured inside that leads to a Big O very fast.

But you should know that vagina cleaning is of utmost importance to prevent irritations on your penis or losing the quality of the removable vagina. To that end, we provide a manual sex doll cleaner or a vagina cleaning device, a must-have for your sex doll cleaning kit. It can effectively clean the love hole of the vagina insert, making it ready for the next round!

The vaginal irrigator is a super simple sex doll cleaner. All you have to do is fill the bag with soap or antibacterial product, put the little pipe in the love hole, and squirt the filling inside. Since the material is easy to clean, the method is sufficient when it comes to cleaning your removable vagina insert.

In fact, cleaning fixed vagina sex dolls for display in stores is often done with a vagina irrigator. They prevent bacteria build-up, are easy to use, and are affordable.

Automatic Love Holes Cleaning and Drying Douche

Having a sex doll like our Princesa means you give oral, vaginal, and anal pleasure. It’s no wonder why many ask for an advanced sex doll cleaning kit after such intense love-making sessions!

Our Automatic Love Holes and Cleaning and Drying Douche is the best component in our sex doll cleaning set because it uses patented spray and suction that has embedded cleaning jets and separate “clean” and “dirty” water tanks. The douche reaches all those nooks and crannies where your love puddle might get dry and cleans them 30 times faster and 98% more effectively than any other sex doll cleaning set.

Also, this tool can dry the love holes, which saves you time. You can use it on every material, making it the most recommended silicone sex doll cleaner.

Automatic Love Holes Cleaning and Drying Douche
WM Intelligent Cleaning Set

WM Intelligent Cleaning Set

When it comes to the most effective sex doll cleaning set, the WM Intelligent Cleaning Set deserves a lot of credit. It can be used on all sex doll materials without the risk of damage.

This cleaning sex doll device is automatic – it does the job for you with only a click! Cleaning sex doll with non removable vagina with this device is a breeze because you will not have to worry about those hard-to-reach parts or carry the doll to your bath and wait for it to dry.

This sex doll cleaning set is cheaper when it comes with a doll. So, take a look at the silicone sex dolls that we have in stock at the moment, and then make a two-in-one purchase!

Proper Storage of Your Love Doll

Storing silicone sex dolls in a case is highly important. It preserves the delicate material from tearing as the doll is not exposed to moisture, heat, or dust. The only moisture she is allowed to take is yours!

So, check out some of our storage cases, such as the flight case for sex dolls. It comes with a lock to ensure no one can open the case and see what’s inside. Plus, this is a portable case as it comes with wheels. You can easily relocate it or take it for traveling. The foamy content ensures that your doll rests like she deserves.

And yes, these cases are created by the doll vendor. This means they are the correct size for your doll, so you don’t have to compromise on the size.

Another interesting storage option for your sex dolls is the couch – the best incognito storage option, as no one will ever guess what’s inside. At the same time, your doll is dust and bacteria-free!

Proper Storage of Your Love Doll
Alternative Doll Cleaning Kit

Alternative Doll Cleaning Kit

If you want your doll to keep you on your toes, you need to pamper her. Our deluxe care and cleaning set has all the props you need to refresh your sex doll and give her a complete glow-up.

The RosemaryDoll TPE Deluxe Care Kit includes TPE-friendly products to preserve the quality of your love doll. You have TPE repair solvent, stain remover, eyelashes, nail glue, cleanser, water-based lube, and make-up remover. You can get the same high quality cleaning kit for silicone sex dolls.

Each cleaning set comes with cotton swabs, pads, a drying rod, and renewal powder.

How to Choose the Best Sex Doll Cleaning Kit

When choosing the best sex doll cleaning and care kit, you need to consider the construction of your doll. Here’s how different cleaning kits will benefit you.

The best TPE sex doll cleaner is the WM Intelligent Cleaning Set – highly effective and practical as you will not have to move the doll to the bathroom before and after usage. Another excellent TPE sex doll cleaner is the Automatic Love Holes Cleaning and Drying Douche, especially useful for cleaning fixed vagina sex dolls because it is too tiresome to clean the fixed love hole manually.

As for the best silicone sex doll cleaner, we have to say that the WM Intelligent cleaning kit is the optimal solution. It is also an effective device for cleaning a sex doll with non-removable vagina.

The Vagina Irrigator is a recommended sex doll with a removable vagina. Cleaning sex doll with non removable vagina with this tool requires a bit of effort because this cleaning device is manual. If you are willing to put in the effort, then go for it!


Why Should I Buy A Sex Doll Cleaner?

Buying a sex doll cleaner will save you plenty of time. It is significantly easier than washing your doll manually in the bath. Instead of lifting a heavy doll, you can simply use a cleaning kit while the doll is placed on your bed and achieve the same, if not better, results.

How To Clean Your Sex Doll?

The least expensive way to clean your sex doll is with antibacterial soap and water. You have to wash your doll the same way you wash a human; however, do not submerge the head underwater, as it might ruin any wiring or screws that are used to attach the head.

What’s The Best Sex Doll Cleaner?

The best sex doll cleaner is the Automatic Love Holes Cleaning & Drying Douche for Sex Doll. It is really simple to use and does the hardest parts for you to ensure your doll’s longevity and increase its lifespan.

How Fast Can I Get My Cleaning Kit Delivered?

Your cleaning kit can be ordered separately or with the doll. If you order it separately, it should be delivered in 7 to 12 business days. And, if you wish to order it together with the doll (which costs less), you will receive your cleaning kit alongside the doll. Depending on the doll-making process, this will take somewhere between 1 and 3 weeks.

Can I Clean My Dolls With Soap?

Yes, the outsides of the dolls can be cleaned with antibacterial soap and a sponge. However, it’s a safer bet to order one of our cleaning kits made specifically for cleaning the inside of dolls. It will make your job of maintaining doll hygiene so much easier.

Can You Bathe A Sex Doll?

Yes, you can. Some people believe that bathing your sex doll will deepen your bond with your sex doll. However, you should make sure to bathe your doll carefully and not submerge it fully underwater, as it could lead to rust. Remember this the next time you’re using your sex doll cleaning kit!

How Often Should I Wash My Silicone Sex Doll?

It is recommended you wash your doll every other week regardless of how often you use it. Also, don’t forget to wash your doll after every session to get rid of any fluids inside. Don’t let them stay too long, as they’ll harden, making it more difficult to clean them.