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Looking for a realistic sex doll that is flexible and highly playful? With Rosemary Doll, you will be able to fulfill your wildest fantasies and spice up your sex life.

Explore the fantasy world of Yearndoll sex dolls and reset your sexual experience as desires come alive when a Yearndoll love doll takes over the bedroom. They have instantly become popular and wanted by many, thanks to their unique look and advanced features such as automatic suction mouth.

Premium yet affordable, Yearndoll is recognized as a brand that meets people’s expectations for high-quality sex dolls. Why wait? Find the sex doll of your dreams with Yearndoll today!

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Embodiment of Asian Sex Appeal

Meet the exquisite, luxurious, and dreamlike real-life dolls of Yearndoll. From a company that was the first to incorporate automatic suction mouth and oral heating technology into sex dolls, nothing less is expected.

Their dolls are a combination of functional design and unique sex appeal. With innocent but inviting facial expressions, these life size sex dolls have an oriental spark and exotic flavor that can’t be found in other sex dolls. They come with fashionable hairstyles, stylish clothing designs, and realistic faces, making them a full sex package.

Most dolls are curvy, petite beauties with thin bodies and delicate limbs, but you’ll also find tall, big-breasted seductresses. Let’s have a look at their general specifications and how they can differ in their appearance:

Price $2,605 - $2,989
Height 148cm / 4 ft 10 - 169 cm / 5 ft 7
Weight 23.5 kg / 51.8 lbs - 38 kg / 83.8 lbs
Breast Cup Medium / Big
Body Type Skinny
Skin tone White / Tanned
Material Medical-Grade Platinum Silicone

The Yearndoll Sex Collection

A tiny waist, medium-sized breasts, and a nice plump butt are characteristic of most of the Yearndoll silicone sex dolls. And the genres available at RosemaryDoll online shop include:

  • Yearndoll skinny sex dolls / Example model Salome
  • Yearndoll MILF sex dolls / Example model Zhengying
  • Yearndoll curvy sex dolls / Example model Naho
  • Yearndoll blonde sex dolls / Example model Nanase
  • Yearndoll Asian sex dolls / Example model Anna Hua
  • Yearndoll Japanese sex dolls / Example model Pure
  • Yearndoll game & cosplay dolls / Example model Huadai
  • Yearndoll mixed blood dolls / Example model Wanyi
  • Yearndoll big boobs dolls / Example model Sashiko

Each Yearndoll life-size sex beauty has its characteristics and attributes, allowing you to find their perfect match. From dolls with big boobs to a girl-next-door and MILF look, the choices are limitless when it comes to Yearndoll’s sex doll collection.

Features Of Yearndoll Silicone Sex Dolls

The attractiveness of these love dolls comes from their extremely realistic, lifelike appearance. Constantly bringing novel experiences to consumers, the Yearndoll company has made it to the top of silicone sex doll manufacturers. The brand’s excellence and innovation can be seen in its attention to the smallest details.

Material and Longevity

Yearndoll sex dolls are built to last. Their designers have decided to use the advantages of silicone, but not the ordinary silicone consumers are used to. Instead, they choose the medical-grade platinum silicone.

With platinum silicone, these love dolls offer excellent durability and can be used for a long time without tear or wear. The material is known for its heat resistance and good breathability, which makes it odor-free. It is easier to maintain, more durable than any other material, and entirely environmentally friendly. These sex dolls can guarantee complete safety and comfort.

Detailed Facial Sculpting

To create a more realistic look and feel, Yearndoll doll creators added a highly detailed facial design. By using superior makeup techniques and fine hair transplants, the dolls’ realistic look is raised to an extreme level. The lifelike facial contours and features make these love dolls even more appealing and popular.

Realistic Body Lines

While striving to present a more realistic sex doll as possible, this brand successfully developed a model with a full-body skin texture. From head to toe, the visible aesthetic is astounding and irresistibly sexy.

The high-quality material they are made from impeccably reproduces the feel and look of human skin, making them soft and gentle at the touch. You will feel shivers down your spine when you first lay your hands on a Yearndoll’s sex doll. They are surreal. Moreover, adding blood vessel details and fine lines that simulate a natural skin look makes these sex dolls even more special and super realistic.

They have a built-in metal skeleton (EVO), which enables them to make natural positions and offer a variety of sex poses. Their movability will allow you to spend much time exploring and experimenting between the sheets.

Customization Upgrades for a Yearndoll Sex Bomb

The Yearndoll models are fully customizable, from the visual appearance to the sexual performance. This makes it a perfect opportunity for those who are determined to purchase their dream sex doll and invest without holding back.

Yearndoll’s sex dolls stand out because of their premium upgrades, and these are the most popular ones:

  • Automatic Suction Mouth And Vagina: It is an ultra-realistic design of oral and vaginal structures that brings real feelings and sexual excitement. Easy to manage and able to be heated to the most suitable temperature.
  • Intelligent Multi-Touch Pronunciation: The sexual and intimate voice responses of these silicone sex dolls are stimulating and enjoyable from the start until the last orgasm. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or English bed calling, you can switch between the options and choose the preferred language.
  • Articulated Fingers: Compared with the standard doll finger joints, the articulated fingers of a Yearndoll love doll are much more durable, more textured, and repairable. They are made of stainless steel and riveted to three joints to mimic real-life fingers.

Reviews and Experiences

It is understandable if you are having second thoughts about buying a sex doll or if a Yearndoll sex doll is the perfect choice for you. You are investing in a long-term companion, so we highly recommend the Yearndoll brand, as do our customers.

Our clients have provided positive feedback, stating these love dolls are much prettier than they appear in the photos. One of them noted that the model he purchased had a fair, plump, sexy body and taught him how to have sex over and over again. Another one gave five stars for the doll’s breasts, saying they were much softer than they looked in the pictures. He sincerely expressed his admiration for the realism and texture of the holes.

Moreover, customers are fascinated by the flexibility of Yearndoll love dolls, saying they have great joints and can flex for different poses.

Why Buy A Sex Doll From Yearndoll’s Collection

A reputable and trusted vendor such as RosemaryDoll is a solid guarantee for authentic and high-quality sex dolls. Their numerous awards and recognitions testify that this online shop works only with premium brands that deliver the best sex dolls.

From implanted eyebrows and eyelashes to a moving jaw and automatic suction mouth, the Yearndoll brand has achieved more realism than anyone before. Textured, flexible, and highly playful, these dolls are worth it.

Why wait? Order your Yearndoll sex doll today and bring home a delicate beauty that will drown you in pleasure!


Is there a metal component in platinum silicone?

No. Platinum is in its name because of the production method, and it only brings stability to the material.

Does Yearndoll offer an extreme weight reduction?

Yes, but it is only available for 162 cm and 163 cm models. It comes with an additional charge of $150.

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