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If you are looking for more from a sex doll than just a quick release, then the hyper-realistic dolls by FJDoll are exactly what you need. Made out of premium medical-grade silicone, these lifelike love dolls are hand-crafted and sculpted by artists with incredible precision and dedication.

Based in China, this brand offers two series of love dolls in their Dongguan factory: full silicone dolls and TPE body with silicone head FJ dolls. All-silicone FJ sex dolls are by far the most popular, offering elegant Asian-style and European models, all of which you can purchase here at RosemaryDoll.

FJdolls models go beyond just being your inanimate sex dolls. They feature incredibly detailed makeup combined with premium silicone material that balances softness and realism for more enjoyable experiences. You get a companion you can bond with while allowing you to satisfy your deepest passions and not just primal urges.

Pick up one of them at a very affordable price range from our RosemaryDoll catalog and experience it yourself!

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FJDoll - Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood is an FJ sex doll bestseller here at RosemaryDoll that you do not want to miss out on. This blonde 4ft11 vixen blends fantasy cosplay with sexy lingerie and the mystical Asian allure into an irresistible charm that will mesmerize you.

Captivating you at first sight with her wildly realistic makeup, implanted long eyelashes, blonde hair, and subtle eyebrows, this fox eagerly awaits you to have your way with her.

Let’s not forget her jiggly B-cup boobs, barely covered by her premium sexy Red Riding Hood outfit, which will throw you into an ecstatic fit the moment you lay eyes on them.

FJ Sex Dolls to Consider When Buying a Love Doll

FJDoll - Arwen


Meet Arwen, a life-size silicone muse beckoning you to let your passion run amok while you caress her C-cup gel breasts and explore the curves of her voluptuous ass.

Featuring reduced weight for easy handling, an irresistibly sexy belly piercing, and the ability to stand freely without bolts, you can make her yours today with a quick purchase from RosemaryDoll!


Perhaps you prefer the textured skin of Lisa, an Asian beauty with a silicone head and TPE body that is always in the mood for whatever you have in mind, no questions asked!

Her EVO skeleton allows you to take her from any position imaginable as you scream with blissful ecstasy exploring the depths of her auto-sucking vagina.

FJDoll - Sarah


For those who prefer Western-style dolls, Sarah awaits.

A silicone artificial companion with D-cup breasts from heaven!

This MILF is going to give you the best blowjob of your life with her movable jaw and eyes drawing you into a sensation of deep intimacy while her soft silicone head with an 8cm deep oral opening does the rest!

FJDoll Sex Doll Specifications and Features

FJ Doll models truly move the needle in the realm of lifelike, high-quality love dolls. Their features and specifications focused on the realism and individuality of every doll help provide an unparalleled experience that extends well beyond simple physical pleasures.

High-Quality Makeup

The incredible makeup on FJDolls is handmade by artists, easily capturing the aura of interaction with a real person. Using specially developed materials, the artists create a high-quality coating that requires no brush-ups and turns the sex doll into a lusty companion.

Rich Skin Texture

A very important feature of FJDoll sex dolls is the texture of the skin, made possible by the high-grade silicon materials.

The texture replicates the elastic properties of human skin, featuring the feeling of different thicknesses and elasticity on different parts of the body for an unprecedented tactile sensation.

How Realistic Are FJDoll Love Dolls?

FJDoll sex dolls exude an aura of realistic interactions through more than just technical features. Even by just looking at them, you get the impression of a real-life person looking back.

Implanted Hair

FJ dolls all have implanted hair, which you can choose to be human or synthetic. Every aspect of hair on the body is implanted, from eyebrows and eyelashes to pubic hairs, providing a very realistic sexual experience.

Realistic Facial Expressions

Incredibly realistic human-like facial expressions in FJ dolls are a result of hand-crafted body painting and makeup.

Along with the movable eyes and implanted eyebrows, the manufacturer has managed to give the dolls uncanny lifelike facial features.


How Do I Transport My FJDoll?

The best way is to get our RosemaryDoll flight case specifically designed for this purpose.

Can I Take My FJDoll in the Shower?

Yes, you can take your FJDoll to the shower, as long as it is a full-silicone doll and not a TPE one.

Is the Shipping Packaging Discreet?

Yes, the doll arrives in a plain, discreet cardboard package without any revealing labels.

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