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At RosemaryDoll, we are proud to host a selection of love dolls made by FUDoll, one of the world’s most sought-after sex doll brands. Combining the unique experience of Japanese 3D artists and sculptors from China, the brand specializes in crafting exquisite Asian-inspired sex dolls using high-quality silicone.

FUDoll’s lifelike dolls come in two models: either a combination of high-quality silicone heads and a TPE body or full-body silicone dolls. That’s why our collection of hotties is hyper-realistic, with distinct physiques and a skin texture that mimics human skin.

The devotion to detail is immense, with artists hand-painting every doll for an unrivaled feeling of realism. FUDoll’s dedication to one genre of sex dolls allows them to delve deep into the essence of the models and bring them to life using advanced technology and impeccable artistry. If Asian dolls are your forte, don’t wait and purchase your FUDoll sex doll now!

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FUDOLL Sex Dolls - Gibson

An exceptional FUDoll sex doll that is in high demand here at RosemaryDoll is Gibson.

This silicone head seductress radiates gentle feminine energy. This 4ft10 petite with captivating C-cup gel-filled boobs is a real handful among the sheets, inviting you to use her agile body in all the dirty, creative ways you can think of.

Do not miss out on the chance to make Gibson your own by customizing her however you want.

Explore all our options by upgrading her with a skin tone of your choice, hyper-realistic body painting, and a set of implanted real or synthetic hair. We will throw in some sexy lingerie and socks for free!

What FUDoll Sex Dolls to Consider When Buying a Love Doll

The sensual allure of petite asian sex mistresses is irresistible, so at Rosemary Doll, we made sure to provide a collection that will quench even the most burning of primal thirsts over and over again.

FUDOLL Sex Dolls - Pearl


Why not start with Pearl, a great cosplayer with B-cup silicone breasts and a tremendous anime-like ass attached to the tiniest, gentle pair of hips you’ve ever seen.

Equipped with a signature FUDoll soft silicone head, Pearl is going to dress up any way you want and give you the most sensual blowjob experience of your life.


If the quintessential small-framed Asian is what rocks your boat, 4ft10 Mary is going to throw you into deep waters with her unique style, innocent eyes, and round, sumptuous C-cup breasts.

Featuring FUDoll’s advanced technology for reduced weight, she now feels as light as she looks, truly capturing the essence of enjoying ecstatic moments with a petite lady.

FUDOLL Sex Dolls - Mary

FUDoll Sex Doll Specifications and Features

FUDoll remains a recognizable sex doll manufacturer that constantly grows. Many reasons put this love doll manufacturer among the leading brands, but a select few specifications represent real technological leaps forward regarding sex doll realism.

Super Weight Loss

The foam core that FUDoll uses in their models greatly reduces the weight of the doll, which has been a long-standing request among connoisseurs. Now, you can enjoy the perfect balance of realistic weight and easy handling that only a foam sex doll can provide.

Articulated Fingers

Articulated finger joints very precisely mimic the finger bones and joints of a real human hand, allowing FUDoll sex dolls to reward you in a realistic way that only human hands could perform – until now.

Why are FUDoll Love Dolls so Realistic?

You’ll find that the exceptional FUDoll love companions have several exclusive features. These babes can create and maintain the aura of realism.

Hyper-Realistic Body Painting

Realistic body painting is a feature you can add to any of FUDoll’s love dolls we have in our RosemaryDoll collection, bringing the interactions with our lifesize dolls as close to real as possible.

The level of detail is unparalleled, making the skin texture indiscernible to that of a human.

Soft Silicone Head

The soft silicone head of FUDoll’s love dolls provides a uniquely sensual, natural touch experience. Plus, it is a game changer for those looking to enjoy some quality oral sex. The brand also offers a full silicone body for the utmost realistic experience.


How Does the Free-Standing Feet Option Work?

Extra rods are added to the skeleton, three in each leg, protruding slightly from the bottom of the foot to allow the doll to stand on its own.

What Does the New Gear Skeleton Do?

The new gear skeleton allows the FUDoll love doll to replicate lifelike motions and assume and maintain positions realistically.

Is the Extra Head the Same as the Original?

No, you can pick a different one, but it will have to be with the same skin tone.

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