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As the best vendor in the sex doll industry, we are thrilled to introduce you to the best sex doll companies and our partners – WM Doll, YL Doll, SEDOLL, Irontech, Starpery, Zelex, and many more.

To navigate this sea of options effectively, explore our extensive collection. Tailor your search based on brand, body type, genre, material, height, weight, and skin tone to refine the choices that align with your preferences.

Dive into the incredible customization options spanning every aspect of doll crafting, ensuring you curate a unique sex companion that resonates with your desires. The possibilities are vast, so embark on this exciting journey of selection and order your ideal love doll now!

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156cm/5ft1 H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Anae


163cm/5ft4 H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Addison

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166cm/5ft5 C-cup TPE Sex Doll – Cecily

0 days 00 hr 00 min 00 sc

166cm/5ft5 C-cup TPE Sex Doll – Audrey

0 days 00 hr 00 min 00 sc

166cm/5ft5 C-cup TPE Sex Doll – Kelsey

0 days 00 hr 00 min 00 sc

162cm/5ft4 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – Stacy


162cm/5ft4 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – Barbara


162cm/5ft4 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – Ida Keats


162cm/5ft4 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – Southey


164cm/5ft5 J-cup TPE Sex Doll – Cassels


164cm/5ft5 J-cup TPE Sex Doll – Faruzan


164cm/5ft5 J-cup TPE Sex Doll – May Aly


164cm/5ft5 J-cup TPE Sex Doll – Onions


164cm/5ft5 J-cup TPE Sex Doll – Winni Philip


164cm/5ft5 J-cup TPE Sex Doll – Zara Trevelyan


164cm/5ft5 J-cup TPE Sex Doll – Meroy


164cm/5ft5 J-cup TPE Sex Doll – Obdulia


164cm/5ft5 J-cup TPE Sex Doll – Magdalena


148cm/4ft10 L-cup TPE Sex Doll – Carrie


148cm/4ft10 H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Jenny


148cm/4ft10 G-cup TPE Sex Doll – Juliana


150cm/4ft11 M-cup TPE Sex Doll – Jazlynn


150cm/4ft11 K-cup TPE Sex Doll – Jessica (Fast Delivery)


150cm/4ft11 M-cup TPE Sex Doll – Ada


Piper 160cm/5ft3 G-cup TPE Sex Doll – Akira (Fast Delivery)


150cm/4ft11 K-cup TPE Sex Doll – Jessica


150cm/4ft11 B-cup TPE Sex Doll – Akira


150cm4ft11 N-cup TPE Sex Doll – Viridis


151cm/4ft11 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – Vanora


153cm/5ft H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Aimee


150cm/4ft11 M-cup TPE Sex Doll – Haleigh


150cm/4ft11 M-cup TPE Sex Doll – Emily


150cm/4ft11 G-cup TPE Sex Doll – Carry


150cm/4ft11 G-cup TPE Sex Doll – Camille


151cm/4ft11 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – Vera


151cm/4ft11 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – Vanna


151cm/4ft11 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – Zenobia


151cm/4ft11 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – Patchan


153cm/5ft H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Mahelie


153cm/5ft N-cup TPE Sex Doll – Frantiska


153cm/5ft N-cup TPE Sex Doll – Raquel


153cm/5ft H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Mahdy


153cm/5ft N-cup TPE Sex Doll – Micaela


153cm/5ft N-cup TPE Sex Doll – Diego


153cm/5ft N-cup TPE Sex Doll – Palmira


153cm/5ft N-cup TPE Sex Doll – Prudencia


153cm/5ft H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Mailis


153cm/5ft H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Almeates


153cm/5ft N-cup TPE Sex Doll – Clara


153cm/5ft N-cup TPE Sex Doll – Dafna


153cm/5ft N-cup TPE Sex Doll – Eveline


153cm/5ft N-cup TPE Sex Doll – Cornelia


153cm/5ft N-cup TPE Sex Doll – Daphnca


153cm/5ft H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Novian


153cm/5ft H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Giles


153cm/5ft H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Quentine


153cm/5ft H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Rodney


154cm/5ft I-cup TPE Sex Doll – Miawen


151cm/4ft11 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – Fiona


154cm/5ft K-cup TPE Sex Doll – Alessia


154cm/5ft K-cup TPE Sex Doll – Maelyss


155cm/5ft1 L-cup TPE Sex Doll – Tresha


155cm/5ft1 L-cup TPE Sex Doll – Toini


151cm/4ft11 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – Natasha


156cm/5ft1 H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Crystal


156cm/5ft1 H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Garden


156cm/5ft1 H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Elvis Bertha


156cm/5ft1 H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Agatha


155cm/5ft1 L-cup TPE Sex Doll – Toby


156cm/5ft1 H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Marian


156cm/5ft1 H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Mabel


156cm/5ft1 H-cup TPE Sex Doll – Meghane


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Sex Doll Brand

Choosing the best sex doll company is an adventure in itself, a pursuit where personal preferences meet cutting-edge technologies. Each doll brand has its unique blend of offerings, catering to diverse tastes, preferences, and desires.

One of the foremost considerations is the material, whether silicone or TPE. Some brands specialize in silicone dolls, while others specialize in TPE body alternatives. The best brands, however, often offer a mix, allowing you to choose based on your preferences and budget.

Looking at the level of customization options, consider whether you lean towards aesthetic or practical features. The crème de la crème of sex doll brands seamlessly blend both, providing dolls that are not only visually stunning but also technologically advanced.

Navigating through customer reviews and recommendations can offer invaluable insights. Also, consider your budget and the diversity of doll selection when making a choice.

Elevating Pleasure with Quality

Quality is the cornerstone of a satisfying love doll experience. Beyond mere appearance, it’s about the durability and lifelike features that distinguish top brands from the rest. The best sex doll brands prioritize a lasting and fulfilling sex doll companionship.

A commitment to quality translates into a dedication to lifelike realism. From the intricacies of facial expressions to the natural flow of body movements, top brands spare no effort in ensuring that your doll mirrors the authenticity of human interaction.

Choosing the best sex doll brand for you is an intimate decision that involves aligning personal preferences with technological advancements and uncompromised quality.

Sex Dolls to Look Out for When Shopping at RosemaryDoll

Are you into blondies with toned bodies? Then, we’d like to introduce you to Vera and Vanora. Maybe you are a sucker for the Latinas’ charms, but no worries, Frantiska and Joanna got you covered.

If you are into voluptuous temptresses with juicy boobs and mouth-watering butts, our super-stars Anae, Addison, and Alessia are hot and ready to fulfill your wildest desires.

Explore the wide selection of each of our top-quality sex doll brands, and pick your favorite doll! Customize her according to your preference, get the most out of the additional gifts, and let her do all the magic!

Features of Top-Quality Sex Doll Brands

We partner with the best sex doll brands that redefine the concept of sexdoll brands and the industry in general. From premium materials ensuring lifelike authenticity to unparalleled customization options tailored to your desires, the best sex doll manufacturing brand always prioritizes realism and aesthetics.

Material Mastery in Crafting Lifelike Dolls

The choice of material is paramount for high-quality dolls. The models from our sex doll brands are meticulously crafted from premium silicone and thermoplastic elastomer.

Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and built for longevity, our top-rated sex dolls offer more than just a lifelike appearance – they’re loyal companions designed to stand the test of time.

How about differences and preferences? TPE body dolls are amazingly affordable and remarkably lifelike but might be prone to stains and a tad sensitive to heat. On the flip side, silicone sex doll creations, while pricier, provide hyper-realistic appearances and easier maintenance.

The choice is yours, dictated by your preference and budget, and we are here to guarantee that you won’t go wrong with any choice.

Beyond premium materials, our sex doll brands shine by using realistic soft skin that elevates the touch sensation and dolls’ heads that are adorned with lifelike features and options to implant hair.

These materials offer the flexibility to choose different structures for specific body parts, like gel breasts, smooth tongues, or textured vaginas. When trusting a top-quality sex doll brand, you can feel the quality in every touch, every pose, and every moment with your love doll.

Customization Unleashed – Your Doll, Your Way

Begin your journey by choosing the doll appearance that resonates with your desires. You are completely free to choose your favorite skin color, eye color, and hairstyle that will breathe life into your doll. Whether you’re into athletic builds or soft curves, our dolls offer you any body type you’re dreaming of.

The personalization of the best real sex dolls goes even beyond appearance, and it extends to groundbreaking functionalities that our sex doll brands provide. Imagine a doll with a body heating system, enveloping you in warmth that mimics a real human touch, or one that breathes gently beside you thanks to a top-notch breathing system.

The power to customize your sex companion isn’t a luxury with RosemaryDoll and our best-quality sex doll brand partners. Don’t wait to grab the opportunity to tailor a temptress that’s uniquely yours.

Redefined Reality and Unmatched Aesthetics

In the realm of best sex doll brands, the pursuit of realism has become an art, with cutting-edge technology and design innovations setting the stage for an unparalleled experience.

Envision your doll striking poses that defy expectations thanks to the new EVO skeleton. Combined with the smoothness of ultra-soft body parts, replicating the gentle feel of human skin. The result is a tactile experience that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.

The journey into lifelike authenticity doesn’t end there. Picture articulated fingers, a technological marvel that breaks free from traditional limitations, enabling your doll to perform authentic hand gestures with ease. Add to this the game-changing electric hips and waist, ensuring a smoother and more natural rotation that leads to maximal pleasure.

And for those who value comfort and convenience, some sex doll brands offer reduced weight and detachable legs for versatility and ease of storage.

With all these technological marvels, the aesthetics of top-rated sex dolls redefine the very essence of realism. Your love doll isn’t just an object but a masterpiece of design and innovation, ready to captivate you with every movement and touch.

Best-Selling Sex Doll Brands at RosemaryDoll

In the realm of adult sex companions, some brands transcend the ordinary, offering an exquisite blend of artistry, technology, and craftsmanship. From hyper-realistic aesthetics to cutting-edge innovations, the best sex doll companies stand at the forefront of the industry, redefining the boundaries of what a love doll can be.

WM Sex Dolls

WM Sex Dolls

WM Doll shines among the best sex doll manufacturing brands, emerging as a true superstar in the industry. Crafted with meticulous detail, WM sex dolls utilize top-tier TPE material, replicating human skin with an unparalleled level of precision. As your fingers trace along your sweetheart’s body, you’ll encounter soft and lifelike texture, remarkably close to the feel of human touch.

The WM dolls’ skin is silky-smooth, free from any stickiness or unwanted oiliness. What sets this brand apart is not just the visual realism but the groundbreaking articulated stainless steel skeleton, providing incredible flexibility for your wildest sex positions.

WM Doll offers unique features such as a head-moaning system, articulated fingers, and hyper-realistic body art, showcasing the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of doll craftsmanship.

One ecstatic customer, Michael, says: ‘’The ass is amazing and tits are massive and feel so real! Can’t keep my hands off of it and makes a great snuggle partner after a long day. Don’t wait, buy from Rosemary!’’

YL Sex Dolls

Explore the diverse world of premium dolls with YL Doll, where a meticulously crafted selection awaits your every desire. Offering an extensive range of customization options, you can choose from curvy blondes to toned redheads, ensuring there’s a doll to match everyone’s preference.

One exceptional perk is YL Doll’s compatibility with WM Doll. These industry giants share the same Jinsan factory, opening the door to ‘hybrid’ premium dolls. Now, you have the freedom to mix and match models to create the doll of your dreams. Whether it’s combining the alluring face of a YL doll with a WM TPE body or vice versa, YL Doll provides everything you need to bring even your most intricate fantasies to life.

Beyond the realm of traditional dolls, YL Doll ventures into a world of unique features, including body heating and articulated fingers, expanding the horizons of what a sex doll can offer. Dive into mind-blowing sex with the lubricated vagina and the ‘real oral sex’ feature.

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and reviews such as the one from Ricky testify that: ‘’Worth every penny, authentic, legit, reliable, and absolutely amazing. Customer service was just as amazing as the doll. Absolutely will be buying more dolls in the future.’’

YL Sex Dolls
Irontech Dolls

Irontech Sex Dolls

Enter the realm of unparalleled excellence with Irontech Doll, a name that echoes through the corridors of sex doll mastery. Famed for their extraordinary craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to detail, Irontech dolls exemplify the pursuit of beauty in every creation.

As pioneers in the adult doll industry, Irontech presents a diverse collection of the best real sex dolls, spanning both female and male creations. RosemaryDoll, as an official authorized reseller, assures the authenticity and high-quality of Irontech products, guaranteeing an experience that transcends expectations.

Each Irontech doll is a masterpiece, born from meticulous design within the Shenzhen-based factory in China. With a metal skeleton ensuring realistic firmness and skin that is soft, supple, and slip-resistant, Irontech dolls redefine the boundaries of what realism entails.

Beyond conventional customization options, Irontech Doll elevates the experience with mind-blowing realistic robot functions, setting them apart as true innovators in the world of lifelike dolls.

This includes an auto-blowjob mechanism that guarantees you the best head you’ve ever received. You can also get an electric hip and waist feature that replicates human movement, as well as the new ability for clamping and sucking which offers the pleasure of thrusting into a tight, throbbing vagina.

SE Dolls

SE Doll is another of the top TPE sex doll brands you can buy at RosemaryDoll. SEDOLL is easily one of the globally recognized TPE sex doll brand manufacturers that pay special attention to lifelike features and high functionality.

SEDOLL love dolls not only excel in functionality but also captivate with their stunning appearance. From a sensory perspective, the realism they exude is unparalleled, creating an immersive experience that feels remarkably authentic.

SEDOLL takes safety and softness to the next level. Their TPE sex dolls are crafted with upgraded materials, so you can rest assured your pleasure is prioritized with their innovative fairytale love dolls. These enchanting creations flawlessly reproduce the advertised photos, leaving no room for disappointment or over-beautification.

SEDOLL is a doll manufacturer that’s committed to realism. Renowned for their impeccable makeup team, this sex doll TPE brand ensures the face makeup in the factory pictures perfectly matches the advertised images. This extraordinary feat sets them apart from other doll brands.

Prepare to be amazed by their elf sex dolls, where the quality of craftsmanship and creative makeup have left countless sex doll enthusiasts in awe.

SE Dolls
Starpery Sex Dolls

Starpery Sex Dolls

Renowned for excellence, Starpery Doll stands as one of the top-rated silicone sex doll brands. They redefine the standards for lifelike silicone dolls with a commitment to unparalleled quality and innovative doll features.

One of Starpery’s standout offerings is the ultra-realistic hybrid doll series that combines silicone heads with TPE bodies, ensuring a perfect blend of top-tier quality and affordability. The range includes various models, each presenting distinct physiques and facial expressions.

Pioneering innovation in the sex doll industry, Starpery Doll introduces a groundbreaking feature – reduced weight. This game-changing option caters to those who prioritize comfort and convenience, allowing your doll to shed 7-13 kilograms depending on her body type.

In 2021, Starpery Doll also elevated the overall quality of their dolls by introducing the upgraded gear skeleton. This enhancement provides enhanced flexibility, resilience, and an extraordinary level of postural freedom, allowing your love doll to seamlessly adapt to different positions for a truly realistic experience.

With the innovative body heating system, your doll’s full body achieves rapid heating within just 30 minutes. It covers 11 key zones for a lifelike warmth that enhances your intimate connection.

To elevate your experiences even further, Starpery Doll includes features like the matte effect in their dolls’ offer, contributing to improved photo results. This ensures that photographs of your Starpery doll possess heightened detail and clarity, transforming each image into a unique work of art.

Zelex Sex Dolls

In the realm of the best silicone sex doll brands, Zelex is one of the leaders when it comes to advancements that add to realism and innovation. Zelex’s new and improved EXP (expression) skeleton is at the forefront of this progress, a remarkable upgrade from the EVO skeleton.

Have you been dreaming about a doll that twists and turns however you want? The EXP skeleton boasts high-end ball joints with adjustable torsion, ensuring exceptional durability. Adding new shoulder joints allows for a more versatile range of movements, enhancing the overall performance of your doll.

Blurring the line between fantasy and reality, the doll’s neck now features a spherical joint, enabling the head to move freely 360 degrees. Adding double joints in the elbows and spherical joints in the palms to the mix, Zelex also provides a more diverse and natural range of arm movements.

Get your hands on your doll’s redesigned waist with adjusted joint strength, ensuring a stable posture while performing all kinds of sex positions you can think of. What’s more, this amazing EXP skeleton is a part of Zelex’s esteemed Inspiration Series and seamlessly integrates with all Zelex silicone dolls.

As a testament to Zelex’s unwavering pursuit of excellence, the Inspiration Series introduces a new color-sealing process that retains the original delicate makeup and body details. It also enhances your sweetheart’s makeup, making it more three-dimensional and durable.

You can’t miss the new exclusive oral structure design that resembles a real human mouth with a movable jaw and unique makeup. This attention to detail brings silicone dolls to life, creating a more lively and natural appearance when the mouth is opened. Let Zelex elevate your sex life with amazingly soft breasts and ass and a variety of labia designs.

Zelex Sex Dolls

Why RosemaryDoll Should Be Your Top Choice?

As your premier destination for high-quality sex doll brands, we stand out through our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our devotion to delivering top-notch products extends beyond the mere transaction – it’s a pledge to provide you with assurance and a seamless experience.

From discreet packaging, and swift global shipping, to a privacy policy that safeguards your information, we prioritize your needs at every step. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the meticulous craftsmanship of the best real sex dolls out there, and our warranty process ensures that your trust is guaranteed.

Discover a world where your preferences and satisfaction matter. Choose RosemaryDoll as your top destination for the best sex doll manufacturing brands, and let us redefine your expectations in the world of top-rated sex dolls.

RosemaryDoll’s Unmatched Commitment to Quality

At RosemaryDoll, we are committed to providing you with absolute assurance in the quality of our products. When you choose from the best sex doll companies in our selection you’re also securing an exceptional experience.

To underline this commitment, we’ve integrated insurance coverage into our shipping process, offering protection against potential loss or damage.

In the rare instance of an error on our part during the processing of your online order or if your doll exhibits a noticeable defect upon arrival from companies’ warehouses, we’re dedicated to making it right at no extra cost to you.

Whether rectifying the issue or replacing your love doll entirely, your satisfaction is our biggest concern.

Swift Global Shipping

Discover the world of swift and seamless global shipping with RosemaryDoll! We understand the importance of a timely delivery experience, and we’ve honed our process to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Enjoy FREE Shipping by UPS and FedEx for all dolls, a service available worldwide! Please note, due to import laws, we regretfully cannot ship to Islamic countries, India, Africa, or Brazil.

Production Time

Once your payment is received, we kickstart the crafting process in just 24 hours. For TPE dolls, your order will be ready for shipping in 1-2 weeks, while a silicone sex doll can take a bit longer, typically between 3-5 weeks.

The production timeline also varies based on your doll’s customization level, and we’ll even send you confirmation photos before shipment.

Shipping Time

Once the crafting process is complete, your love doll begins its journey straight from the sex doll manufacturers in China to your doorstep. While shipping duration can fluctuate based on production intricacies, anticipate delivery within 7-12 business days.

We’ll keep you in the loop with a tracking number sent to your email, ensuring you can monitor your package’s progress. Just sit back and relax, your sweetheart will be with you soon!

Custom Fees

Navigating customs regulations is essential, and any associated taxes align with the destination country’s laws. Import duties and fees are the buyer’s responsibility, usually ranging from $100 to $150 or more, depending on your product’s specifications.

Note that the US and certain European and Asian countries do not impose import taxes and fees. For more details, reach out to us at [email protected]. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to assist every step of the way!

Ultimate Discretion

At RosemaryDoll, we prioritize discretion in every aspect of your purchase. Your order will arrive in a plain carton box with no external labels revealing the content. We ensure complete confidentiality from the moment of shipping to delivery. Your privacy remains safe with us.

Privacy Policy

We value the trust you place in us, and our commitment to your privacy is unwavering. RosemaryDoll owns the information collected on this site, and we do not sell, rent, or share it with any other company for marketing purposes. Our privacy policy adheres to the highest standards of safety, security, and confidentiality.

  • What Personal Data We Collect and Why: We collect data through comments, uploaded media, contact forms, and embedded content. This information is retained to facilitate the recognition and approval of follow-up comments. For registered users, their personal information is securely stored and can be managed at any time.
  • Your Rights Over Your Data: If you have an account or leave comments, you can request an exported file of your data or ask for its deletion. While we retain some data for administrative, legal, or security purposes, your control over your information is guaranteed.

Secure Online Transactions

Your online transactions are safeguarded through various payment methods we offer for your convenience.

  • Credit Card & Debit Card: Pay directly using your Credit Card or Debit Card for a seamless transaction.
  • PayPal Payment: Utilize PayPal for a secure payment experience. Connect your bank account for added flexibility.
  • ‘Pay in 4’ with PayPal (US, UK, DE, FR, AU, ES, & IT): We've partnered with PayPal to offer 'Pay in 4' allowing you to split your purchase into 4 payments with added convenience.
  • Layaway/Multi-Card Payment: Take advantage of our interest-free layaway option, applicable worldwide. Lock in your favorite best-brand sex doll and pay over a period that suits you — no interest, no hidden fees, just a hassle-free way to make your dream doll yours.


Why Should I Shop At RosemaryDoll?

Choose RosemaryDoll for an unparalleled doll-buying experience. As an authorized reseller, we guarantee authenticity and quality. With a diverse selection, commitment to quality, extensive customization options, and discreet shipping, we prioritize your satisfaction.

Enjoy a seamless process and create your perfect companion with RosemaryDoll.

How Should I Store My Sex Doll?

It’s advisable to store the doll on its back, preferably on a soft surface or in an upright position (avoiding standing on its feet). Place it in a neutral position, similar to how it was when it arrived. You can also lay it in a bed or its original box or hang it in a closet if it has a neck thread hook.

These practices help maintain the doll’s perfect condition for a long time.

Is the Quality Guaranteed With Top Sex Doll Brands?

Selecting a doll from a top brand, such as those available at RosemaryDoll, ensures quality. We partner with renowned manufacturers, offering dolls crafted with premium materials like TPE and silicone.

Our extensive product details, customer reviews, customization options, and direct collaboration with the best sex doll manufacturing brands guarantee a satisfying and trustworthy purchase.

What is TPE and Why is it Commonly Used in Sex Doll Manufacturing?

TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer. It is a flexible and soft material that closely mimics the texture and feel of human skin. TPE is commonly used in sex doll manufacturing due to its realistic touch, affordability, and hypoallergenic properties.

Are TPE Sex Dolls Waterproof?

TPE sex dolls are not fully waterproof. While the material itself is resistant to light water exposure during cleaning, submerging the doll or exposing it to excessive moisture can potentially damage the internal components or cause deformation.

How Should I Clean and Maintain My TPE Sex Doll?

It’s recommended to use mild soap or specialized doll cleansers with warm water to clean the doll’s body. Avoid using oil-based or silicone-based products on TPE, as they may damage the material.

How to Choose the Best Quality Silicone Sex Doll Brand for Me?

Choosing the perfect sex doll silicone brand for you can often be challenging, keeping in mind the wide range of dolls offered at RosemaryDoll.

We would recommend checking our entire selection, filtering the results according to your preferences, considering the budget, and looking into some silicone doll reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Conveniently, you have a wide range of silicone sex doll brand manufacturers to choose from, such as Starpery, WM Doll, Irontech Dolls, and more.

What Are the Shipping Costs of Silicone Sex Doll Brands?

RosemaryDoll offers free worldwide shipping! We’re transparent in our pricing, ensuring there are no concealed fees to surprise you.

Customs regulations may include taxes that vary depending on your destination country’s laws, and they are the buyer’s responsibility.

What’s Better – a Hard or a Soft Silicone Head?

In terms of makeup, there’s no distinction between the two choices.

However, if you’re contemplating a hair transplant, silicone sex doll brands usually advise opting for a hard silicone head, as soft hair transplants might be more susceptible to hair loss.

In contrast, if you have a preference for oral sex, a soft head would be a better match since hard heads lack a blowjob function.