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The Ultimate Guide to Starpery Sex Doll

Starpery is one of the best realistic silicone sex doll manufacturers. Starpery ultra-realistic hybrid doll series(silicone head + TPE body) and full-silicone sex dolls have been very popular. Better yet, their realistic hybrid sex dolls have made premium silicone dolls available to customers on a budget. With more attention to detail, each Starpery doll has its own unique look and personality. Both Caucasian and Asian heads are made by professional sculptors and are especially realistic.

Starpery Doll Body Types

There are 9 body heights and 28 heads for your to choose from, among which the hottest bodies are 169 C cup, 156 E cup, 171 A cup, 172 F cup, and 165 D cup.

And in 2022, Starpery will launch 20+ silicone heads and more than 4 new bodies, and BBW girls are coming soon!

Starpery Doll Measurements

TPE 3.0 Hyper-realistic Skin

Starpery has developed TPE 3.0 which enables them to create life-size models that bring ultra-realistic skin to customers. In addition, you can add upgraded skin options for your love dolls to achieve a higher level of realism in skin color and texture.

Human Veins, Freckles, and Tan Line on Starpery TPE Doll Body.

Like real beauty, Starpery sex dolls can also have visible human veins, freckles, and a light bikini tan, being a true companion stay with you.

Real Oral Sex (ROS)

Starpery just release the ROS function that is only available for Rozanne (No.29) & Janelle (No.10).

Soft Silicone Head

Starpery has 2 types of silicone heads: hard head and soft head.

The silicone hard head is our default option, which will make your doll more lifelike. It can be implanted with artificial or human hair for an additional fee.

Oral sex is not available for silicone hard heads because they are firmer than normal TPE heads.

Implanted Hair

For Starpery silicone soft head, you can also add “Implanted real human hair” or “Implanted artificial hair” to your love doll. Even better, Starpery sex dolls with soft heads can give you blowjobs, suck your cock, and eat your cum.

Weight Reduction on Starpery TPE /Silicone Sex Doll

If you’ve been put off by the weight of full-size dolls, there’s good news. Starpery Doll has released new weight reduction options for its TPE sex dolls, which can reduce the weight by 7-13kg.

W.R. 4.0

On April 12th, Starpery Doll officially released the W.R. 4.0, a weight reduction feature that significantly improves upon the previous version. Currently, this function can only be applied to the 151cm & 172cm Silicone bodies / 171D TPE & Silicone bodies.

Upgraded Gear Skeleton Of Starpery Sex Doll

In 2021, Starpery Doll upgraded its doll skeleton. This new gear skeleton adds flexibility, durability, and more postural freedom to the joints of Starpery sex dolls.

Starpery Heating System 3.0

  • Use Graphene material
  • Full body rapid heating within 30 minutes (chest/belly/back/vagina/hip/thigh/calf – 11 areas)
  • Intellectual circulatory heating, with high efficiency
  • High temperature power off protection, safer
  • Exclusive APP intelligent display heating, more intuitive understanding of heating progress
  • Body temperature can be maintained for at least 2 hours after power off

Starpery Clamp & Sucking Function 2.0 (Only for Silicone Dolls)

There are two buttons on the device, the left one is switch button, the right one is the mode button.

Switch button: Press and hold for 2 seconds, then switch on/off the device( please note there are moaning function together with this device, and click twice can turn off the sound, we will explain this moaning later)

Mode button: There are three modes, first mode is with a smooth speed and force; second mode is with a faster speed and greater intensity than 1st one; and third mode is suitable for the orgasmic.

The new clamp&sucking version is more beautiful(shape), enhanced power and also improve our experience(function).

About Charge: will be fully charged in 1 hour with a 2A 5V charger, and can work continuously for about 2 hours.

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