The Ultimate Guide to WM Sex Dolls

WM Doll (JinSan factory) is the leading TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Sex Doll manufacturer. At, we provide you with the widest selection of over 600 WM sex dolls, 100% authentic. Each WM doll is designed to be very realistic in detail, including actual human height, soft skin. lifelike vagina and more. You can customize skin tones, hairstyle, eye color, areola color(size), and more to get your dream WM love doll!

WM Sex Doll (Jinsan) Authorization

Genuine WM Doll: Anti-fake Code

WM sex dolls are so popular that there are many fake WM dolls online. To protect WM Doll customers, they launched WM Dolls Anti-fake System so that they can check the authenticity of their realistic love dolls.

👉🏻 Ultimate Tips To Avoid Fake WM Dolls [2023]

WM Doll Anti-fake Code

Skin Tones of WM Sex Dolls

WM DOLLS offers the six most common doll skin tones: White, Medium, Pink, Tan, Coco, and Black.

WM Doll Materials

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WM Doll has released their new revolutionary material, featuring the following characteristics:

  • Tear-resistant: Joints are less prone to tearing, with eight times the tear strength of previous materials.
  • Less oily: This new material is less greasy compared to regular TPE.
  • More realistic: Possesses silicone-like properties, allowing for more realistic makeup applications using silicone spray techniques.
  • Excellent resilience: In tests, a 15KG dumbbell placed on the doll’s buttocks for three days caused no deformation.
  • Perfectly smooth skin: Free from the molding lines typically found in silicone sex dolls.
  • Eco-friendly and easy to maintain: This new material is recyclable and the dolls can be repaired just like the previous TPE sex dolls.

Regular TPE

Ultra-soft TPE

NOTE*: The ultra-soft skin is more fragile! If damage occurs during transportation, the factory will not provide any after-sales service.

Body Types of WM Sex Dolls

WM Doll has a total of 23 body heights on our site, ranging from 148cm to 175cm(no 149cm,151cm,153cm,154cm,161cm). All of these full-size sex dolls are the same height as real people.

Based on fashion trends and customer feedback, WM Doll makes different body shape molds every year. Welcome to check out our sex doll collection of the new arrivals. Don’t miss our latest lifelike sex dolls in 2022.

Note: WM sex dolls are produced by fixed body shapes molds, so the breasts are not custom made. But you can customize the color and size of the areola. The hottest body types of WM Doll are 157B, 160B, 160D,163H, and 166C.

New Hyper-realism Body Painting

Your doll will be added with more realistic body traits like skin textures, veins, and pores.

3 Breast Options for WM Sex Dolls

The gel-filled breasts option is only available for dolls with the cup size B – F. We do not recommend our customers add gel breasts for dolls above H cup size.

Click here to learn what the differences among Solid, Hollow, and Gel breasts are.

Sex Doll Hollow Breasts


Sex Doll Solid Breasts


Sex Doll Gel Breasts


WM Doll New Feature: Breathing System

Breathing System is the new feature released by WM Doll in 2021. This advanced breathing system mimics natural breathing patterns, providing a more realistic and intimate experience. This innovative feature enhances the lifelike quality of our WM Dolls, making them even more appealing.

Note*: Breathing System is currently only available on WM and YL sex dolls.

Articulated Fingers Options for WM Sex Dolls

Old Version:

These articulated fingers are carefully designed with sturdy metal joints and rounded tips to protect the finger skin from being easily punctured. It also allows the lifelike sex dolls to mimic various hand gestures that the old wire fingers could not complete. For the entire adult sex doll community, this is definitely a fascinating upgrade.

New Version:

WM released their latest articulated hands – ball jointed hand skeleton. It can restore the shape of human fingers, unlike common hand skeletons on the market, which are made of twisted copper wires and are easily broken. The new hand structure is completely close to the human hand and can swing like a real human hand. No more phalanges penetrating the skin!

WM Doll New Feature: Blowjob Sucker

WM Doll released their own version of the sucking vagina called “Blowjob Sucker” in 2023. The charge port is under the armpit and charge time is approximately 2-3 hours.

NOTE*: This option is not compatible with the Body Heating System, Removable Vagina & Lubricant-free option.

WM Doll Real Oral Sex (ROS)

On October 14, 2022, WM Doll released a trailer for their new mouth design. It mimics the structure of the real human mouth, with teeth and tongue. The movable jaw and flexible tongue can bring a new experience to your oral sex journey.

Currently, it is only available for TPE heads #85, #120, #159, #198, #266, #273, #398, #400, #432, #436, and #452.

How to Bend WM Sex Doll's Joints

How to Use the Teeth Pack for Your WM Sex Doll

WMDOLL Packaging Display

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You can further customize a lifelike sex doll to make it look like someone you love or even dream of.

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