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How Much Does a Realistic Sex Doll Cost?

How Much Does a Realistic Sex Doll Cost

How Much Does a Realistic Sex Doll Cost?

Realistic sex dolls become more and more popular. High-end sex dolls not only look real, but also feel real. Of course, more realism, and more details are needed, which means a higher price. The average sex doll price ranges from $500 to $6,000, depending on several factors we’ll discuss below.

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For most real sex doll lovers, one of the biggest factors to consider is material. The average sex dolls are made of a variety of materials, including rubber, plastic, vinyl, and so on, but for realistic sex dolls at www.rosemarydoll.com, there are commonly only two materials, either TPE or Silicone.

TPE has properties such as flexibility, molding ability, soft texture, which makes TPE one of the best options to make realistic love dolls. TPE sex doll skin is softer, which many people like, and it reacts better to stretching. However, the TPE sex doll is not resistant to heat or stains, so you need to maintain it often.

Generally, silicone sex dolls are more expensive than TPE dolls on the market. Silicone sex doll has a better real-life appearance in look. Even better, the Silicone sex doll requires less maintenance and resists very high heat.

In conclusion, each material is great and has its own characteristics, so it largely depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a realistic sex doll that is highly resistant to heat and stains, then silicone will be best. If your budget is limited but still want a great product, then buy a TPE sex doll.

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Premade or Custom

Sex dolls are either premade or customized. Generally speaking, customized sex dolls are much more expensive than premade dolls.

You can find various types of premade sex dolls when you browse sex doll websites. These dolls are modeled day after day by the sex doll manufacturers and no extra work needs to be done. You can buy these premade sex dolls at a much lower price than a custom doll. Sex doll manufacturers are always making new models to keep their customers happy, so the chances are good that you’ll find a premade sex doll that is already perfect for you.

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If you prefer a specific type of doll, such as one that looks like the person you love, or if you want a particular body type, hair color, and other features, then you choose a custom doll. All kinds of details can be customized, such as skin color, nails, hairstyle, makeup, etc., including private parts. Customized sex dolls can better meet the special needs of different customers. More additional efforts are required to create custom dolls and that’s why they are more expensive!

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Size is another major factor affecting the price of dolls. The larger size needs more materials, and the price will be higher. A life-size realistic doll is usually as tall as a real person and you just choose according to your own preferences. If you want to save some money and space, you can select a smaller sex doll like mini sex doll. If your budget is really low, you can get ones that are just smaller in stature, like around 65cm to 80cm. Or choose a sex doll torso to use as you please, and it costs about $300.

Finally, we do hope this blog really helps you to understand the unique sex doll market and aids you in purchasing the best sex doll for your needs.

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