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XYcolo Special Offers 2022: Up to 35% Discount, Extra Free Head, and More!

XYcolo Special Offer 2022
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On July 12, 2022, XYcolo sex doll launched its latest promotion at TDF and welcomed us as their new official supplier. 

Promotion 1. Up To 35% Off Top Rated Dolls —-163cm Full Silicone Doll With Upgraded Skeleton

This offer is only available for the most popular bodies of XYcolo: 163cm(SB&LB), OS head + PS body. It’s the biggest deal ever, saving up to $500.

Note: XYcolo sex doll has 4 kinds of silicone materials, and the ‘OS head + PS body’ is the best combination of their four silicone materials. (Click here to learn about XYcolo’s 4 types of Silicone Sex Dolls)

XYcolo Special Offers 2022

“I haven’t seen a doll quite with jiggly breasts like this before”

Organic Silicone (OS) is the lightest and softest of the four materials. The head made of OS is very delicate, the finishing effect is excellent, and the facial makeup is not easy to fade and fall off. The body made from PS Platinum silicone (PS) has the same soft skin as TPE, high elasticity, elastic chest and buttocks, and realistic touch. “We’ll get her out. The breasts are outrageously jiggly. I haven’t seen a doll quite with jiggly breasts like this before.” This is what an overseas reviewer from XYcolo said when he saw the doll.

The Aluminum Articulated Skeleton is the default configuration for Organic Silicone (OS) and Organic Silicone Pro (OSP) bodies. This time, we will upgrade the 163cm Platinum Silicone (PS) body with OS head to an aluminum articulated skeleton for free. This will empower your love doll to do some interesting yoga positions. If you love sports, come and play with your XYcolo doll. she may be more athletic than you. LOL…

XYcolo dolls are made in proportion to real people, and the holes are well positioned. This is a very very competent sex goal something that strikes you. What’s even better is that the seams of XYcolo silicone dolls are very well made, concealed, and difficult to detect. They even work well with the skin texture and small imperfections on the skin surface, giving you the ultimate realism.

XYcolo Special Offers 2022

Promotion 2. One FREE head Plus Free Upgraded Options for Other XYcolo Dolls

1) 2nd FREE head
2) FREE foot stand
3) FREE body detail makeup for OS and OSP
4) FREE eyebrow and eyelash implants for one head (Only available for OS and OSP)
5) Free one free pair of movable eyes (randomly selected)

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