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4 Types of XYcolo Silicone Sex Dolls

Learn more about 4 types of XYcolo silicone sex dolls.
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XYcolo, founded in 2018, is a high-end silicone doll maker staffed by top makeup artists and product engineers. They offer the best value dolls, featuring a variety of head and body style combinations. XYcolo silicone sex dolls became an instant hit as it was launched.

One of the most prominent features of XYcolo is that they offer 4 types of silicone materials. Now, let’s dive into these 4 types of silicone dolls!

4 types of XYcolo silicone sex dolls: PS, OS, PSP, and OSP

1. PS — Platinum Silicone

Platinum Silicone (PS) is the entry-level choice and the most affordable range of the XYcolo collections.  PS dolls default to non-articulated steel welded skeleton and can be upgraded to the aluminum articulated skeleton at a cost of $300.


1) PS has the same soft skin as TPE, high resilience, bouncy chest and buttocks, and realistic touch.


1) PS silicone dolls are heavy, lack detail on the skin surface, and makeup doesn’t last long.

2) Custom makeup and eyebrow & hair implants are not allowed.

* PS is suitable for 153cm, 163cm and 170cm bodies.

2. OS — Organic Silicone

Organic Silicone (OS) is the lightest and has good body finishing. If you’re a photography buff, OS dolls are handy for you to move around and take pictures of them. It is the least soft type, but you can add some extra softness options such as soft thigh to increase its softness.


1) OS dolls have great skin texture.

2) Support permanent makeup, makeup customization, and eyebrow&hair transplant.


1) Compared with PS material, OS material is slightly harder, with slower rebound and less elasticity.

* OS is available for 153cm, 163cm, and 170cm bodies.

3. PSP — Platinum Silicone Pro


1) It is designed in layers, with a layer of fat under the skin, which simulates the touch of human muscles, soft and real.


1) Permanent makeup, custom makeup, and eyebrow hair transplants are unavailable.

* PSP is suitable for 153cm, 158cm and 163cm bodies.

4. OSP — Organic Silicone Pro

Organic Silicone PRO (OSP) has 10 skin layers that reproduce realistic human skin features, such as pores, veins, and skin texture. It is not only the most luxurious collection of all XYcolo dolls, but also the best silicone dolls in China.

XYcolo Organic Silicone PRO (OSP) Skin Layer


1) It is the softest type with no additional softness options available.

2) Permanent makeup, custom makeup, and eyebrow & hair transplant are available.

Cons: None

* OSP is ony for 151cm, 153cm, 158cm, 163cm, and 171cm bodies.

XYcolo Comparsion

(More attributed stars mean softer and less oily)

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