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New Weight Reduction Option For WM TPE Sex Dolls

New Weight Reduction Option For WM TPE Sex Dolls
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Dear RosemaryDoll friends,

Today, we’ve got big news for you! WM TPE sex dolls‘ latest technology – weight-loss option, has finally been realized and officially available for sale.

We believe this will be a big surprise for WM fans.

If you’re a fan of silicone sex dolls, you’ve probably heard of weight loss options. Most of the silicone brands on our website have already implemented weight loss technology, such as Starpery, Zelex, etc. But for TPE dolls, the weight loss technique is new. Currently, you can only add this weight loss option to Starpery and WM  TPE sex dolls.

Why do TPE sex dolls need to lose weight?

Many people in the doll community have complained about the weight of TPE dolls. You know, for a doll that has no self-support at all, even if it is only 25kg, it is very difficult for some people to move it around. For example, Addison, one of WM’s hottest stars, weighs 50kg. It’s very difficult for you to do activities with her. However, WM’s latest weight loss option can reduce the original 50kg doll to 33kg!

Real people are bones encased in skin, so when you touch you feel the softness of the skin and the hardness of the bones. The TPE love doll without weight loss is soft to the touch, but lacks the sense of skeleton. WM slimmed-down doll can bring you a touch closer to the real human body.

For now, WM only offers this option to three popular bodies: 168 cm, 163 cm H, and 173 cm.

Softness Test Comparison

The weight loss option costs $150. If you want to reduce the weight of the doll, please leave a message in the order notes or contact us here.

order notes

If you have any thoughts on this, feel free to comment below!

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