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WM Doll Releases New 160cm A-Cup Body For Flat Chested Lovers

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WM Doll recently released a new 160cm A-cup body shape for small breast lovers. In the past time, WM Doll has produced too many plump models with big tits, but very few smaller breasts bodies. This one is specially designed for fans who prefer a slimmer and petite body.

WM Doll 160cm A-cup with Head #173 & 70

Are there any concerns regarding customs clearance?

The new body shape has been well received by the doll industry since it was announced, but has also raised some concerns about customs clearance. To protect children, some countries have banned “child-like sex dolls”. So while many women have A-cup breasts in real life, A-cup dolls with young looks have been controversial. However, having said that, most people will agree that this doll looks over 18 years old, so most countries should have no problem importing the doll.

If you have any concerns about buying this doll, please feel free to comment below or contact us!

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