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New Articulated Fingers for WM & YL Sex Dolls

Are you tired of the doll’s fingers being pierced by the inner metal wire? Do you want a sex doll with more flexible fingers? If so, the new hand skeleton – articulated fingers upgrade is a must add-on you should consider!

We are happy to inform you that WM Dolls factory has started to provide their full-size dolls with the articulated fingers upgrade, a newly developed hand skeleton.

This new articulated fingers upgrade is carefully designed with sturdy metal joints and rounded tips to protect the finger skin from being easily punctured. What’s better, the articulated fingers allow the dolls to mimic various hand gestures that the old wire fingers could not complete. For the entire adult love doll community, this is definitely a fascinating upgrade.

Check out the video below to see how this articulated fingers upgrade fits your needs:

1. Currently, WM Doll and YL Doll offer this upgrade.
2. This premium add-on is only available for TPE dolls over 140cm.
3. It is not compatible with old WM dolls, so it can’t be changed or upgraded.
4. Made of metal instead of copper wire.
5. The articulated fingers should not be tangled.
6. Range of finger movement is basically the same as that of the old wire hands.
7. The new articulated fingers allow upward and downward hand movements, as well as internal and external forearm rotation.
8. The hand movement range is close to 95% of a human hand. This allows upward&downward hand movements and internal&external forearm rotation.

Are you tempted? Just add the new articulated fingers to your love doll now!

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2 thoughts on “New Articulated Fingers for WM & YL Sex Dolls

  1. mike301243 says:

    Ich suche eine extrem gelenkige Sexpuppe, wie eine sehr gute Kontortionistin, Triplefold mit Kopf durch die Beine

    1. rosemarydoll says:

      Sie können die Puppen von SANHUI auswählen. Sie haben das flexibelste Skelett:

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