Sexual Position of The Week

Sexual Position of the Week: Standoff

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Standoff is a sexual position that you can enjoy with your love doll in most places and in narrow areas. Great for when you‘re feeling alive and in need of a quick fix.

Find a waist-high piece of furniture, hold your doll upright and place her hands on the furniture to support her weight. Then you snuggle behind the doll in an upright position, enter her from behind and grab her waist to help guide her every push.

Standoff is a very intimate position. Without direct eye contact, the temptation of the body will control you. Start slowly with some foreplay, then gradually increase the depth of penetration until you reach orgasm.

Obviously, penetrating from behind, your hands are free to please, so your doll’s huge boobs and external pleasure areas are up for grabs. Get hold of that huge leaping tits!

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