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The Best Time to Buy A Sex Doll in 2022

The Best Time to Buy A Sex Doll in 2022
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Should I wait to shop for better deals?

Absolutely not, and here’s why.

Rosemary Doll’s biggest deal of 2022 is now live!

Our Halloween promotion is now on and loved by many customers! 15% Off Everything! At, we’ve given you the biggest discounts of the year, giving you early access to the same coupons as Black Friday and Christmas. That is, no better deal! NOW IS THE BEST!!! If you’re a budget-conscious shopper, this is definitely the best time to grab the best deals for all of 2022.

Celebrate Halloween/Christmas with your love doll!

Sex dolls are high-end customized products with a production cycle of 2 weeks or more. Generally speaking, dolls are produced sequentially. But as the event season gets underway, the doll factories offered lots of free upgrades and giveaways, leading to a surge in orders. That means you’ll have to wait longer than before. And that’s why we recommend that you take your doll home early at the best price. Looking for a romantic Halloween/Christmas gift for your partner/yourself? Here it is!

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