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Q: Can I purchase the head and the body separately from two different brands?

A: Yes, you can, as long as they use the same connectors. However, we do not recommend you assemble these two components from different factories.

Reasons being:

1. As different firms have varying color standards, there can be some color variation between the head and the body.

2. We must make sure the two sections’ measurements line up, like whether the head can be perfectly put on the body.

Q: Can I have the clit pierced on my silicone doll?

A: We do not suggest you do so. If there are holes or openings in the silicone material, the material is likely to tear from the openings. It will adversely affect the life span of your love doll.

Q: What does the purpose of the hymen doll option?

A: The factory will add a membrane to the dolls’ vagina. It means that initial penetration will result in the hymen breaking for an ultra-realistic first time.

Q: Do I need to choose the fixed vagina if I want the hymen option?

A: Yes. Please select the fixed vagina if you want the hymen option. The hymen option is not compatible with the replaceable vagina.

Q: Can I repair my doll with any conventional glue sold at the grocery store?

A: No, both TPE and silicone dolls need special glue to “heal their woes”. Avoid using conventional glues as they may damage the material. We have included both kinds of glues in our doll care kit. Please visit here for more details.

Good news! RosemaryDoll is soon having its very own doll fillers on the shelf. This glue is expert in filling the grooves and pits of your love dolls.

Q: Is there a possibility for the manufacturer to make small adjustments when ordered? Like sculpting bigger labia?

A: The possibility of making any modifications is determined by whether or not the doll’s shape has to be changed. We cannot adjust the doll’s shape since the mold used is standard. For instance, if you want to sculpt bigger labia, sorry, that is beyond our capability; if you want to have a larger areola, you can make it happen as it involves painting only with no shape change involved.



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