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Starpery’s 2023 Valentine’s Day Promotion and New Heating 3.0

Starpery’s 2023 Valentine's Day Promotion and New Heating 3
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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s easy to feel a little down in the dumps if you can’t go out for a candlelit dinner or on a romantic date with your partner. At this moment, a lifelike sex doll is your best choice.

With that in mind, Starpery released their Valentine’s Day promotion early to make sure you’re not alone this Valentine’s Day.

Starpery 2023 Valentine’s Day Promotion (2023-01-07–2023-02-14)

1. Free moveable eyes with veins
2. Free gel breast
3. Free Standing feet and shrugged shoulder
4. Free body realism
5. Free New Whole body heating system ( First 50 orders only)

Well, aside from well-received upgrade options, the most notable of this sale is their new technology – Heating 3.0 system.

According to the Starpery factory, they designed and manufactured the heating 3.0 system independently. It features graphene material, and its heating speed and performance are much better than that of 2.0 materials. It can quickly realize full-body heating within 30 minutes. Equipped with a high-efficiency high-temperature power-off protection mechanism, you no longer have to worry about your doll being melted by high temperatures.

* Graphene material
* Whole body heating (chest/belly/back/vagina/hip/thigh/calf-11 areas)
* Exclusive APP + Intelligent use


Plus, this heating 3.0 system will have an exclusive app for your operation. Starpery will soon launch a video to show and introduce the new heating 3.0 system. Warm prompt: The first 50 customers in this event can enjoy this new heating feature for free. If you’re planning on getting a full-size sex doll for Valentine’s Day, don’t miss out on this chance and order Starpery now!

Note: Starpery does not offer after-sale service for this new heating system at present. If you enjoy free heating, you can send your experience and suggestions after use. Starpery will select lucky fans to send special gifts.

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