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RosemaryDoll Review: My First Doll Aerith from Gamelady Doll

RosemaryDoll Review: My First Doll Aerith from Gamelady doll

In early November I decided I wanted to purchase my first doll. I chose RosemaryDoll based on the wealth of positive reviews I read about them here and elsewhere online.

Received photos from RosemaryDoll today of the Aerith doll and it looks great (images below):

I will share the final images along with outfits once it arrives (I chose some lingerie and also her original FF7 outfit).

A few other items I agonized over a bit as a first-time doll owner but hopefully turn out to be good decisions:

I went with non-standing feet because I am a huge foot fetish guy and wanted the feet in all their glory without the metal studs. Hoping that decision works out!
I went with a fixed vagina because of some negative stories I’ve read about the insertables moving around in the doll and how unpleasant that can be. So I think the fixed vagina was the right decision, but I am a bit nervous about the cleaning! I am 6’2 and ~250 pounds with good muscle mass so hopefully, it isn’t too troublesome.

I went with rooted hair. I have heard over time that the hair can fall out if rooted but I really wanted rooted hair so hopefully all is well here.

P.S. If this one turns out well I am going to order a custom doll with a custom head via Rosemary as well (decided to start with a factory doll since this is my first one and would rather learn with a ~$3,000 doll than a ~$10,000 one).

She has arrived. The first photos are below.

Initial thoughts as a first-time doll owner. Overall I am happy with the purchase. Big thanks to Rosemary! Pretty sure I will buy my second doll (whenever I am ready for one) with them as well.

* The packaging and delivery process by FedEx was well done. I was a bit worried that there would be issues, but the whole exercise was uneventful. They delivered it to my door (they didn’t get a signature which I would have expected) and that was that.

* She is lighter than I thought. Maybe 80ls or so. I’, 6’2 and ~220 pounds, so lifting her and taking her upstairs wasn’t a problem at all.
It isn’t clear to me exactly how to make the head stay on.

* When I sit her horizontally, her head falls off at times. I think I heard a click/snap the last time I tried to put it in, but it isn’t clear what I did differently. Question: Is there a trick to putting the head on and taking it off (to apply the hanger) so that it stays fully secure?

* The implanted wig was definitely worth it (looks beautiful — see photos). That said, with hindsight, I should have gotten an additional head with a wig as well. The nature of Aerith’s hair is such that it doesn’t seem like I should need to comb it much (she came in a hair net), but if I do I am a bit terrified her hair will start falling out in mass. I think I will order a second head with a wig and use this as a display head.

* Not regretting the decision to do the soft feet with no bolts at all right now. Love the feet (although they are preternaturally small).

* I stuck some leather cuffs and a collar on her (and princess Leah dress) as opposed to the default Aerith outfit or the lingerie it came with. It may or may not have been a waste of money to but the lingerie in the promo photos — I can’t imagine putting it on her.

* Very cold out of the box, but I love her feel overall once she warmed up a bit. High-quality design.

* With the exception of the dent in her right shoulder (see second image above) she came to me in perfect condition. A few minor seems but all okay.

* Moving her into every position I wanted was great except for moving her back — it isn’t clear to me how I should be doing that.

* If she had a hymen (which I ordered) I couldn’t make it out. But I don’t suppose I really care. I wouldn’t order one again though (I think it was ~$50 dollar or so).

* The first roll in the hay with her I used an ultra thin latex condom + water-based lube and she felt great inside. I’m not sure how far I can push her legs back (I can’t imagine they would go behind her head) but I was able to easily get her in legs up missionary. Will try doggy next, I think. I am curious if other owners can share feedback on the need to douche etc given I am using a condom (question: I supposed I still need to douche her due to the water-based lube, yes)?

* Going with the fixed vagina was definitely a winner provided that I don’t need to douche her too often as long as I wear a condom. Otherwise, the jury is still out.

* I ordered a doll hanger and douche kit to clean her out, but the instructions are not in English and as a non-mechanically inclined person it isn’t clear to me how to assemble it (the top of it isn’t fully assembled). I’m also not sure I want to deal with the hassle of removing her head every time I move her. She seems fine enough laying down in the bed (when I don’t have guests), but I know I have read I probably need to hang her up. I will need to figure the hanger and efficient head on/off out, probably.

* I bent the fixed eyelashes underneath one of her eyes trying to move it (the left one was off-center when I first unboxed). I was able to get them back in place, but need to do some research on how to adjust the eyes effectively if one moves again

* The vagina and anus don’t look natural when you spread her legs wide but otherwise look great.

* I’m unsure if it is okay for me to leave the leather collar and cuffs on her long term or if it is best to keep her nude or in very lose closing to avoid damaging the body. Will do more research soon.

* Did I mention I love the feet? Cute soles and the natural toes look were a good choice. I am unsure about putting her in the Aerith cosplay shoes given how floppy/fleshy the toes are, but I think she would look great in some flip flops. 🙂

* I get a sense that the fingers are delicate enough I am eventually going to lose one of those nails, but that is a problem for another day 🙂

* I wasn’t a tits guy before, but I might be now. These tits are fantastic!

In conclusion.

Fixed vagina TBD (depends on the headache of up keep). Implanted hair yes but a good idea to get a bedhead with a wig, I think. No bolt soles yes — great look. Extra costumes and hymen are probably a waste (I have already bought her a bunch of other clothes I will likely use more frequently and they were much cheaper) but not outrageously so.


2 thoughts on “RosemaryDoll Review: My First Doll Aerith from Gamelady Doll

  1. Modusop says:

    Congrats on your new girl . I suggest you research more on the up keep and maintenance of your doll . The short version you should wash your dolls vagina & ass after each use Mouth the same. Powder her when she is dry. Oil her skin at least once a month . I take the heads to tatto artist when I want the makeup corrected or eyelashes replaced. The M16 bolt should screw into the neck and the head snap on the bevel stop screw. Right now I have 3 dolls , 154 lbs 125lbs & 88lbs . I prefer the bigger girls with huge boobs & ass. The 88lbs doll is 100cm tall short but huge assets . They all are lots of fun ! Im gonna get 2 more. variety is the spice of life !

    1. rosemarydoll says:

      Thanks for your sharing~

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