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Sex Doll Body Hanging Bracket: The Best Sex Doll Storage
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TPE/ Silicone sex dolls are life-size adult toys that bring you the same ultimate sexual experience as your real partner – both in scale and touch. However, you need to pay more when storing and maintaining TPE/ silicone sex dolls. They are prone to sticking to hair or dust, or being punctured by sharp objects. Today, we would like to recommend a Sex Doll Body Hanging Bracket to help you better store the doll, prolong the good condition of the doll, and accompany you better and longer.

How to Store A Sex Doll

Generally, there are three main ways to store sex dolls: lying down, standing, and hanging. And lying down is the way most buyers store their dolls. Many customers will buy a Sex Doll Flight Case, which is also a very good choice. Usually, it is locked and pushed to the bottom of the bed or other secret space. It will not occupy your living space, but also protect your privacy. Also, you can consider buying a Sex Doll Storage Couch. It can be subtly incorporated into your room to become a common piece of furniture.

Having sex dolls stand against a wall is also a preferred storage option for many buyers. Standing really saves space. You can place your love doll in a corner of your home or in a closet, taking up very little space and decorating your room. (If you want to store your doll standing, don’t forget to add the standing feet option for your doll.)

When storing the doll on its back, be careful to lay the doll on a soft foam or blanket. Otherwise, the hip or back of the doll will be deformed. It is best to keep the doll lying flat in its factory setting position. Also, we do not recommend that you leave your doll standing for long periods of time. The doll’s knees bear a lot when standing up. Over time, the skeleton of the doll will be broken, thus shortening the life of the doll.

Sex Doll Body Hanging Stand – The Best Way to Store Your Love Dolls

Either lying down or standing up can cause damage to the doll. And hanging is currently the best way to store dolls without hurting them.

Why Should You Have A Sex Doll Body Hanging Bracket?

Easy to Store

The height of this hanging bracket can be adjusted freely (130cm-230cm). Generally, the weight of the doll is about 40kg. The maximum load capacity of the stand is 75kg. As such, it can be used to hang dolls of different perfect heights and weights. It is normal for the pole to bend slightly when an overweight doll is hung on the stand.

Easy to Move Around

If you have a bad back or your doll is too heavy to move, a sex doll hanging stand is your best option. Hang the doll’s body on the stand and then you can move it where you want it to go.

How to move the bracket: Once the doll is hung, you’d better pull the bar back with both hands. Pushing forward is not recommended as the support rods may break under excessive force due to the doll’s excessive weight and wobbling during movement.

Saving Spaces

The hanging is the most relaxed and space-saving of the 3 storage methods. Almost all factories store dolls by hanging them. Simply hang up your doll, cover it with a dust cover, and place it quietly anywhere. It’s easy and convenient!

All in all, this hanging stand is a must for every doll owner to store their dolls, and it’s definitely worth the money!

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