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Top Sino New Releases: RRS+ Makeup, Realistic Oral Structure

Top Sino Sex Doll New Releases: RRS+ Makeup
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The RRS+ makeup is an upgraded version of Sino Doll’s famous RRS makeup, which Sino Doll has spent 365 days working on this. Sino Doll has constantly enhanced the fineness of the details, and is committed to realizing the realism of Sino dolls to the maximum.

With the release of RRS+, they also introduced 2 new bodies – T160 and T164 and 2 new heads – Mikui and Miteng.

Extreme RRS+ Makeup

From the photos, you would wonder how they can be so real, just like real people. The RRS+ makeup will give the doll a more realistic skin texture, resulting in a super-realistic appearance. If I didn’t tell you she was a doll, I bet you probably never would have suspected it. 

Top Sino sex doll Extreme RRS+ Makeup

New Realistic Oral Structure

In addition to facial makeup improvements, Sino Doll has also designed a new oral cavity structure that is a very realistic restoration of a real human mouth.

Top Sino Sex Doll New Realistic Oral Structure

The RRS+ makeup as well as the new oral design are only available for T1, T21, and T22 heads within the Top Sino sex doll collection. While other Top Sino heads can be made with RS or RRS facial painting, and there is no realistic mouth structure.

We suggest that you do not rub the Top Sino sex doll too hard, otherwise the expensive cosmetics will soon be wiped off. If you are a photographer, Sino Doll’s upgraded facial/ body painting is a good addition for you.

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