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RosemaryDoll Review: Starpery 156E “Amy” / New arrival

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Model: Starpery 156E

* Rosemary Doll (fantastic service ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)
* All questions and changes acknowledged/confirmed within 24 hours
* I was kept informed the whole time
* I had access and approval on the build sheet

Delivery time from order:
* about 55 days
* Rosemary Doll advised a week’s delay due to production issue

* Full Silicone
* Wheat skin
* Matt skin
* No weight reduction (full weight)
* Makeup as Amy factory picture
* Nipples and pussy as Amy factory picture
* Full realistic body painting (individual bikini lines and color)
* Real implanted hair, eyebrows, etc
* Hard head
* Evo skeleton
* Standing bolt feet
* Articulated hands
* French-style manicured hands/feet
* Gel breasts
* Gel butt
* Fixed vagina

Packaging/Arrival condition:
* Box undamaged
* Quality, thoughtful packaging inside
* Packed ‘face down / ass up
* Slight indent on the shoulder (like a polio Vax)
* Hair braided and carefully packaged
* Lots of extras (outfits etc👍)

First impressions:
* Quality, realism dramatically exceeds expectations
* Head/face gorgeous
* Hands unexpectedly sexy
* Body sculpting perfect
* Not as heavy as assumed
* Firm skeleton adjustment
* Realistic appearing placement of pussy and ass
* Obvious manufacturer care and attention from Starpery

* Instant hard-on when seeing body
* Trembled after affixing head and said ‘Hi’
* Unprepared for emotional connection
* Easy to suspend belief and feel a presence

Improvement observations:
* Neck seam disturbs illusion
* Very slight seam from molding (doesn’t disturb)
* Unarticulated toes hard to fit into shoes

* Huawei P50 Pro
* White balance, ISO auto
* Photo skin tone is not appearing as in person
* Last photo (portrait auto) looks close to the in-person skin tone
* Nipples appear too dark in photos
* Photographer too excited to bother with composition etc

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3 thoughts on “RosemaryDoll Review: Starpery 156E “Amy” / New arrival

  1. maxxkidder says:

    I have Charlotte and Rozanne. I am getting Amy because of your review. Awesome!

  2. rdradoiu86 says:


    1. rosemarydoll says:

      Dear friend, please check this page: and you will learn how to order on our website. if you like the doll mentioned in this review, please contact us or send an email to [email protected] and we will help you to place your order.

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