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Top 6 AI Robot Sex Dolls You Should Not Miss

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Obviously, you’re looking forward to embracing AI Beauties into your life, so here you are! Congratulations, it’s just the right time! This is an era when the love doll industry is booming, especially since artificial intelligence doll has a breakthrough development. Whether facial expressions or moaning systems are more realistic, the new generation of AI robot sex dolls has more realistic features that will surprise you!

What’s even better, at, you can easily buy your favorite AI love doll in monthly installments without having to worry about the financial burden.

Here are six of the most popular AI robot love dolls you shouldn’t miss in 2022!

Features of These New Generation of AI Robot Sex Dolls

1. Upgraded Talking System

Unlike the earlier AI dolls, these new version AI sex dolls can not only moan, but also are free to interact with the doll owners. They are free to communicate, sing and tell stories, rather than just answer a few selected questions. Even better, with the advanced use of robot learning, the more AI dolls interact with you, the smarter they will be! Now, the AI dolls can mainly speak two languages: Chinese / English. Of course, more language support can be expected in the future version of AI dolls.

2. Android-powered AI brain

These new ranges of AI dolls are equipped with Android-powered AI brains. With this, you can control how and what your doll says and reacts. How? You can upload speech files you like either as text files or pre-recorded MP3s. And then you have complete control over the doll’s reactions.

3. Advanced Touch Sensors

The sex robot incorporates advanced touch sensors to enable the doll to moan when she feels pressure changes on her synthetic “skin”.

4. More Realistic Facial Expressions

The new version of AI dolls’ facial expressions is softer and less rigid and scripted. Their eyelids can blink; the eyeballs, head, and mouth also can move when they talk.

There are more features of AI sex robots for you to experience on your own. In conclusion, if you are looking for a real, lifelike experience, AI-Tech sex dolls are the best choice!

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8 thoughts on “Top 6 AI Robot Sex Dolls You Should Not Miss

  1. Billy j king says:

    I’ve been waiting for this about time I don’t think I cN afford now I’m on fixed income

    1. rosemarydoll says:

      Hello Billy, we offer you an interest-free layaway payment option. Also Klarna will be a nice choice. Learn more here:

  2. D says:

    Do you have a video of the AI Doll in action and actually operating?

    1. rosemarydoll says:

      Thanks for your comment and we just upload the video.

  3. Bing bang ow says:

    Sooo, is this tech an option? Which dolls

    1. rosemarydoll editor says:

      Dear friend, you can find the doll here: All ai tech options can be added to these dolls.

  4. Anibal says:

    Hola, hay alguna que hable español o hay que esperar que se agregue esta función?

    1. rosemarydoll says:

      Querido amigo, lamento mucho que no tengamos a nadie que pueda hablar español. Si desea comprar una muñeca sexual robot ai, háganoslo saber. Podemos comunicarnos con usted a través de Google Traductor.

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