How to Use RosemaryDoll Vaginal Irrigator

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To simplify sex doll vaginal cleaning, we provide you with vaginal irrigator at RosemaryDoll.com.

Made of soft and durable premium medical-grade silicone material, it brings your doll the most comfy and smooth usage experience. With a 10.4 ounces capacity bulb and a 4.8 inches nozzle, this is perfect for you to make an easy and quick cleaning of your love doll.

Preparation Before Using The Vaginal Douche:

Let your sex doll lie down or sit into an empty bathtub and having a thick absorbant towel under her bottom.

Instructions for Use:

1. Remove the nozzle from the syringe bulb.
2. Put a teaspoon of mild anti-bacterial soap into the syringe bulb, then fill it with warm water and shake it gently.
3. Hold the syringe bulb, and gently insert the elongated nozzle of the vaginal douche into the entire vagina of your sex doll. Squeeze the bulb gently to flush the warm soapy water into the vagina.
4. Rinse the inside of the vagina by squeezing the bulb until all the soapy water is used up.
5. Then insert the nozzle of empty vaginal douche into the doll’s vagina so the bulb sucks the water in. Repeat the process if necessary.
6. Empty the irrigator and fill it with clean water. Repeat the process to rinse inside of the vagina and then absorb the water.
7. Use a drying stick to thoroughly dry your love dolls vaginal barrel.

How to Clean

The nozzle and syringe bulb are detachable.

Clean both parts thoroughly with the solution of water and disinfectant before initial use and after each subsequent use. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Dry in ventilated place away from direct sunlight. Make sure all parts are dry before storage.

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