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How to Use 3 Kinds of M16 Head Adapters?

Learn more about three types of M16 Head Adapters of sex dolls.
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M16 Head Adaptor is a bolt used to connect the head and body of the realistic sex doll. There are three common M16 head adapters available on the sex doll market: standard double-threaded screw, single-threaded screw, and silicone doll head screw.

Now, let’s dive into these three types of head adapters and learn how to use them to install the doll head.

1: Standard Double Threaded Screw

This standard screw was previously the most widely used connector. It is double-threaded, so either side can be used to connect the doll’s head or body.

You can also screw the connector into the head first and then twist the head into the neck.

Please don’t overtighten the screw or you may not be able to twist it off.

2: Single-Threaded Screw

The single-threaded screw is the most commonly used head connector today. It is compatible with all sex doll heads with the old M16 connector. With this new head connector, you can simply replace the sex doll head without having to rotate it. It is easy and fast.

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To remove it, you can hold the doll head with both hands and pull it straight outward.

3: Silicone Doll Head Screw

The screw for silicone sex dolls is a special kind of bolt.

If your doll has a silicone body and TPE head, you can choose one of the two screws on the front.

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