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How to Make up Your Realistic Female Sex Doll

How to Makeup Your Realistic Female Sex Doll
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For many customers, a real sex doll is not just a tool for sexual problems, but a lover or companion in their fantasies. Some sex doll aficionados are very keen to buy some cosmetics, clothes, jewelry to dress up their sex dolls and make the dolls more attractive.

The realistic sex doll is always young and her natural, untouched face is really beautiful. As long as your doll is properly maintained, she should never need a foundation. However, if you do touch your sex doll face quite a bit, some of that ‘makeup’ can wear off over time. If so, a bit of makeup and a highlighter can bring that glow back!

In this blog, we will come up with some tips for you to keep your gorgeous love doll looking as beautiful as ever. Now, let’s learn how to make up your sex doll.

You need eyebrows pencil, mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner, blush, and lipstick for basic makeup.

Step 1: Remove the previous makeup.

Take a good moisturizing agent or a good makeup remover and apply it to a piece of fresh cotton. Then, spread it over the face, and then gently remove the previous makeup of your sex doll.

1. It is recommended that you purchase makeup remover especially for silicone/TPE sex dolls.
2. Please remove the wig or tie up the hair before discharge makeup.

(We’ve prepared a full set of cosmetics for your love doll.)

Step 2: Clean the face properly with cotton.

Step 3: Make up your sex doll.

First, use an eyebrow pencil to gently fill the light eyebrows to make them look a little darker.

Next, apply the eye shadows on the top and lower eyelids. Don’t forget the black eyeliner, it enlarges the doll’s eye size visually.

Once that is done, you can apply mascara to enhance her eyelashes. The mascara will make your doll look extremely sexy.

Apply the lipstick of your choice. The lipstick color should comply with the whole makeup. If you want a sexy face, you can wear red lipstick for her. If you like warm and lovely makeup, you can choose more pastel colors.

Finally, apply a light pink blush gently on your doll’s face to keep her a fresh and young look.

Now, you are done! Your beautiful sex doll is ready for you. She is ready to get pampered and loved by you.

FAQ For Sex Doll Makeup

For more info on the sex doll makeup, welcome to send an email to [email protected].

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