Sex Doll Operating Instructions

How to Install A Head For Your Sex Doll

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Except for the one-piece dolls from Piper Doll, most of the dolls have separate heads and bodies, and need to be installed by yourselves. As a new doll player, you will inevitably be in a hurry when assembling your doll. Don’t worry, today we will teach you how to install a head for your love doll.

There are currently two main types of neck bolts: one is threaded at both ends, and the other one is pop-on neck blot. The pop-on one is threaded at the bottom portion while the top portion has ball and socket section.

No matter what type of neck bolt you have, it is simple to do. Let’s get started!

3 Simple Steps to Install Your Doll Head:

1. Hold the doll head with your hand and just simply screw in the threaded portion.
2. Align the other side of the bolt with the threaded pipe inside the neck and turn it clockwise until tightened.
3. If your doll comes with a pop-on neck bolt, you just put the pop-on portion into the head and push the head down gently but firmly.

At this point, all the installation procedures are done!

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