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Zelex’s New SLE Collection: A Sneak Peek into the Silicone Doll Market

Zelex's New SLE Collection A Sneak Peek into the Silicone Doll Market - 2

Zelex’s upcoming SLE series, set to be launched on October 20th, is poised to bring a fresh choice to the silicone doll market. According to Zelex staff, this series features new products developed using in-house materials, a novel silicone material referred to as “ultra-soft silicone.”

Zelex SLE Collection Vagina and Anus RosemaryDOll

The Zelex SLE Collection products will be offered exclusively as in-stock items. Initially, these products will be shipped directly from a domestic factory, with plans to subsequently distribute them to overseas warehouses in the United States to expedite doll delivery for customers.

Should you have any interest in Zelex’s New SLE Collection products, please learn more here!

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