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ZELEX Inspiration Series is Now Available!

ZELEX Inspiration Series is Now Available

On Aug 31, 2022, ZELEX officially released its new Inspiration Series of silicone dolls. This upgrade will definitely refresh your understanding of doll realism to another new level. Without further ado, let’s take a peek!

In response to customer feedback, the ZELEX Doll’s Inspiration series has undergone a complete redesign, now exclusively modeled after real human anatomy. Some body types have been discontinued, retaining only the scanned bodies of real individuals and removing the dark tan skin tone option. The entire series has been upgraded to feature meticulous wax elephant-level makeup, implanted hair on a soft head, and all head options are available with versions featuring a movable chin (ROS). Presently, body choices are X165cm, 167cm, 170cm, and 175cm.

ZELEX Doll's Inspiration series banner

Currently, ZELEX Doll has updated the doll heads, and all these heads can feature the latest makeup as well as all other available upgrade Inspiration Series options.

1. Makeup Upgrade Across the Board

2. Ultra-soft Silicone Option

The ZELEX Inspiration Series is set to officially launch the Ultra-soft Silicone option on April 2nd. This new option features our innovatively formulated silicone, which is 10% softer than our SLE series but maintains comparable strength. It is available in three skin tones: White, Fair, and Tan.

In addition, we have made a significant enhancement to address color fading issues. We have uniformly adjusted the base colors for all three skin tones in the Inspiration series to ensure that the base color closely matches the surface color. With this adjustment, we have now standardized the base colors across all ZELEX products.

Zelex Ultra-soft Silicone Option

3. Hair Transplant Technology Fully Upgraded

Hair Transplant Technology Fully Upgraded

4. Zelexclusive Head

Zelexclusive Head

5. Zelexclusive Eyes

Zelexclusive Eyes

6. Zelexclusive Body Makeup

Zelexclusive Body Makeup

7. Zelexclusive Foot – Hand – Skeleton

8. Zelexclusive Private Part

Zelexclusive Private Part

9. Zelexclusive Anal & Vaginal Canal

Zelexclusive Anal & Vaginal Canal

10. New Color Sealing Process

ZELEX not only retains the original delicate makeup and body details for the Inspiration Series, but also develops a new color sealing process to make the doll’s makeup more three-dimensional and durable.

1.New Color Sealing Process

11. True Restoration of Oral Structure

The new exclusive oral structure design of the Inspiration Series restores the real human oral structure. The movable jaw and the unique makeup designed for the head with oral structure make the doll look more lively and natural when opening the mouth. It’s like being your intellectual girlfriend, interacting with you intimately. Even better, the complete oral structure can bring you a unique and superb experience when using it.

ZELEX Inspiration Series True Restoration of Oral Structure

12. Softer Breasts and Kneadable Buttocks

The breast and buttocks upgrades of the Inspiration Series are entirely based on an actual human. The upgraded buttocks and breasts are as soft as real people and full of vitality from health.

ZELEX Inspiration Series Softer Breasts and Kneadable Buttocks

13. Replaceable Labia

To better meet customers’ demand for labia shapes, Inspiration Series developed separate vaginas with interchangeable labia shapes. This allows you to choose the type you prefer and are more comfortable with.

16 thoughts on “ZELEX Inspiration Series is Now Available!

  1. Joel says:

    Are the Zelex Inspiration series of dolls going to have larger breast in the future? That would be a “deal maker” for me!

    1. rosemarydoll editor says:

      Yes. Zelex Inspiration series will have larger breasts in the feature.

      1. Harold says:

        That’s great news! I’ll be buying one when the dolls are available with larger breasts!

  2. radiegel says:

    Yes agreed.. larger breaststroke in the future would be a “GO” for me as well

    1. Kispéter László says:

      Nem mindenki van oda a lufikért én inkább a kissebb, aranyos ciciket szeretem, maradok annál.

      1. rosemarydoll says:

        Köszönjük, hogy kapcsolatba lépett velünk! Igen, van néhány ajánlásunk:

  3. PERFECT K says:

    In the future will the Zelex inspirations dolls have larger buttocks and wider hips as well? Also, Is there a difference among these dolls majority all have identical parameters. Am I missing something?

    1. rosemarydoll says:

      Dear friend, according to the Zelex factory, there will be such a plan in the future but not currently. The parameters of the same body are the same, but the dolls of the Zelex inspiration series are more refined and realistic in makeup as you can learn from this blog.

  4. Joe says:

    Is G95 a hard head with movable jaw?

    1. rosemarydoll says:

      G95 soft Silicone head is compatible with movable jaw.

  5. Chad says:

    In the future will we be able to upload an ai personality to it so we can chat and done for a reasonable price ?

    1. rosemarydoll says:

      Yes, AI robots will appear in the near future.

  6. Moatie says:

    I agree, this new series breast sizes ALL being so small is pretty ridiculous. There is no way I would consider buying this new line with the small breast sizes… All of them small? Why?

  7. Harold says:

    Is Zelex going to be offering any dolls with further weight reduction? The dolls are beautiful – but heavy, relative to some other brands.

    1. rosemarydoll says:

      Thank you for contacting us and for your suggestion. We will forward it to the factory, and we are optimistic that Zelex will introduce more lightweight dolls in the future.

  8. dunny76 says:

    If they had the auto blow job function that would clinch a purchase off me

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