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About XYcolo 

XYcolo, founded in 2018, is a new entrant to the block. It is a high-end silicone doll maker staffed by top makeup artists and product engineers. They offer the best value silicone dolls with a versatile combination of heads and styles of the body. All of these are equipped with sophisticated skeletons for easy movement.

XYcolo silicone sex doll became an instant hit as it was launched. XYcolo is dedicated to the pursuit of “Inject a soul into your doll, and make it to be your perfect companion”.

4 Types of XYcolo Silicone Sex Dolls

XYcolo’s biggest feature is the creation of four different silicone material dolls: PS, PSP, OS, and OSP.

XYcolo Comparison Of Different Versions Silicone Doll

OS, OSP, and PSP are all aluminum articulated skeletons by default.

1. Platinum Silicone (PS) is the entry-level choice and the most affordable range of the XYcolo collections. It has the same soft skin as TPE, high resilience, bouncy chest and buttocks, and realistic touch. But PS dolls are heavy, lack detail on the skin surface, and makeup doesn’t last long.

2. Organic Silicone (OS) is the lightest and has good body finishing. It is the least soft type, but you can add some extra softness options such as soft thigh to increase its softness.

3. Platinum Silicone Pro(PSP) is designed in layers, with a layer of fat under the skin, which simulates the touch of human muscles, soft and real.

4. Organic Silicone PRO (OSP) has 10 skin layers that reproduce realistic human skin features, such as pores, veins, and skin texture. Therefore, it is also the most luxurious collection of all XYcolo dolls. (Click here to learn more about the 4 types of XYcolo dolls!)

XYcolo Organic Silicone PRO (OSP) Skin Layer

XYcolo Organic Silicone PRO (OSP) Skin Layer

Softness Test of 4 Types of XYcolo Sex Dolls

Butt Softness Comparison Test

Breast Softness Comparison Test

Head Softness Comparison Test

The depth of the vagina is 13-15cm (2.5cm in diameter), which is suitable for most people.

The vagina is made of super-soft silicone, which feels real to the touch. We recommend that you use it with lubricating oil to prolong its service life.

XYcolo Aluminium Skeleton

Aluminum Articulated Skeleton is the default skeleton configuration for Organic Silicone (OS) and Organic Silicone Pro (OSP) bodies.

Steel Welding Skeleton with wired fingers is the default skeleton configuration for Platinum Silicone (PS) and Platinum Silicone Pro (PSP) bodies. You can upgrade it to the Aluminium skeleton for your doll.

XYcolo Aluminium Skeleton

With an articulated aluminum skeleton, XYcolo silicone sex doll can do many yoga poses. However, overstretching can cause the silicone doll to tear. So, please don’t keep your doll in one complicated pose for a long time. We highly recommend that you follow the doll’s range of motion instructions to move the doll’s limbs.

Range of Motion

XYcolo Articulated Fingers

XYcolo Wired Fingers

Articulated Fingers have the same range of motion as real human fingers. But its pinkie is still metal wired.

Compared with metal-wired fingers, articulated fingers are more realistic and have a certain amount of load-bearing capacity, and can hold objects such as mobile phones, water glass, etc.

XYcolo: How To Move The Eyes

XYcolo: How To Mount The Insert

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