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Who Are Your Safest Sex Partners?

Sex, as one of the most basic human activities, is particularly important for everyone’s physical and mental health. However, it will further the spread of STDs if you don’t take any protection, which will place yourself or your sex partner at risk. So, you have to stop unsafe sex behavior to protect yourself or your sexual partner from sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Safe Sex

Safe sex refers to taking protective measures during sex to avoid exchanging semen, vaginal fluid, or blood between partners. The most common and effective method is to use physical barriers such as condoms. This provides better protection against STIs during you have vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

How to Lower the Risk of STD

Safe sex can help you stay healthy and even make your sexual life better. Of course, there are many other ways for you to practice safe sex besides using physical barriers.

1. Only One Sexual Partner

You know, anyone can get an STD, but people who have more than one sexual partner, bisexuals, and gay men are at the highest risk. If you have a partner, please be loyal to your relationship. It will help establish a stable relationship and reduce the risk of STIs. If you are single, it is best to take STD tests together and share the results with each other before having sex.

2. Avoid excessive alcohol and drugs

Drugs and alcohol make it more difficult for your brain to work properly, thereby impairing your thinking to make wrong decisions. Avoid having sex that you may regret, such as unprotected sex or multiple sex partners.

Other Tips for Sexual Health

  • Fantasizing or having phone sex
  • Masturbation
  • Caressing your partner with a nonsexual massage
  • Rubbing against your partner’s body with clothes on

Who are your safest sex partners?

People today are complicated. The only way to be absolutely safe is to avoid all sexual contact with others. I think that’s why Oregon health officials would say, “You’re your safest sex partner.” It’s true that you can’t give yourself an STD.

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