Understanding Sex Dolls

What is the TPE Sex Doll?

what is the tpe sex doll

What is TPE?

TPE sometimes is referred to as thermoplastic rubbers. It is a class of copolymers or a physical mix of polymers (usually plastic and rubber) that consist of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. TPE finds large application in the automotive sector and in the household appliances sector. Surely, you can find TPE material in some of the products at home. It has properties such as flexibility, molding ability, soft texture, which makes TPE one of the best options to make realistic sex dolls at an affordable price.

Advantages of full-size TPE Sex Dolls

1. Lifelike Experience

Just like a real woman standing in front of you. Touch her skin with your fingertips, and you will marvel at its soft, elastic, comfortable, and real-life experience of TPE skin. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, some modern-day sex dolls are fitted with heating sensors that can replicate the skin temperature of actual human bodies. With stainless steel fully hinged skeleton and flexible joints, the dolls can achieve any sex position for you, just like real people.

WM 162cm/5ft4 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – Ida Keats at rosemarydoll
2. Completely Safe

Most damningly, some of you are allergic to the sex dolls you bought. To protect you from such frustration, we choose FDA-certified medical-grade TPE material from top sex doll brands such as WM Doll, Irontech, SE, and so on. It is safe for everyone because it contains no hazardous chemicals that may result in allergic reactions. Just feel free to kiss your sex doll and hug her. You can even sleep together in your bed with no worries about having rashes.

WM 162cm/5ft4 E-cup TPE Sex Doll – Barbara at rosemarydoll
3. Odor-Free

TPE material sex dolls are entirely free odorless, and are made for those who detest plastic scents. Also, you can get her some pleasant water-based perfume, which will make you want more of her. (Note: Please remember to confirm if you are not allergic to the water-based lubricant or the baby powder.)

4. Affordable

Usually, the cost of TPE sex dolls is relatively cheaper than Silicone. When shopping for your realistic sex dolls at RosemaryDoll.com, you will always be sure to find something within your budget. You can even get your favorite lifelike sex doll at a super low price of $ 850. And what, our range of luxury sex dolls is also priced reasonably.

1. TPE gets stained easily due to its absorptive nature. We recommend that you wear non-color or light-colored clothing for your TPE sex doll instead of dark materials.
2. For your health and to keep your love doll’s durability, you need to maintain the TPE sex dolls often, particularly in areas such as the mouth, anus, and vagina after usage. Otherwise, she would get stained or develop mold, and ultimately will lose her shape, strength, and good look.

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