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What Is The Difference Between Built-in And Removable Vaginas?

There are two main types of orifice for dolls, removable (insert) and fixed (built-in). With removable vaginas you can pull out a sleeve, like a thin fleshlight, after using it. Then you only have to flush this out with warm water and soap, then dry it. You probably also have to wipe some excess lube off the labia of the doll. But the process is pretty quick and easy. You can lube the outside of the insert to make it easier to insert and pull out. I personally recommend removable vaginas, but some say they don’t feel as good, for example because in some models the insert might not fit properly and slide about inside the orifice.

Built-in vaginas are more difficult to clean. Some use soapy water and a sponge on a stick to clean the doll in place, but others recommend carrying it to the toilet or sitting it over a bucket, and flush out the vagina with a douche. Then it needs to be dried, which usually requires some sort of fan or pump (like an aquarium air pump) to ensure air circulation in the orifice. You can also use an absorbing stick stick to dry it, this is even included with some dolls these days. If your doll is silicone, you can also use antibacterial gel to further clean it. However, it is not recommended to use this on TPE, as it can weaken the material.

If you have a built-in vagina, there is also another option, using female condoms. These can be pushed into the vagina and then pulled out when done so that no cleanup is necessary. However some say that it doesn’t feel as good, and sometimes the female condom can break anyway, especially if you reuse them.

11 thoughts on “What Is The Difference Between Built-in And Removable Vaginas?

  1. John says:

    I have a doll, my first, that has a removable vagina but don’t like the fact that it moves around and doesn’t give me what I’m looking for. So I’ve ordered a silicone top quality doll with built in vagina hoping to finally find my dream girl. Now to cleaning my fixed orifice . Seems definitely more involved hopefully worth the effort. Not sure how I’m going to approach keeping things clean and dry. I’ve checked the cleaning kits offered on site but not sure how effective they are and are expensive. I’ve just read your articles using PVC pipe flattening both ends but didn’t make sense. Like how do you introduce water into the pipe and how do you flatten PVC plastic pipe? And drying with an aquarium pump, how does that work? I appreciate you giving more explicit directions to those of us who need help, otherwise maybe purchasing a cleaning kit may be the best solution. Thanks for helping I’m sure I’m not the only one needing a good solution to a more intimate situation

    1. Cheeaba says:

      Literally get a douche, douche. Stick a tampon up there pop the applicator and your all good.

  2. curtm1911 says:

    With a special accessory, they can be transgender as well, which is something I personally like being trans myself.

    1. still-counting8575 says:

      I know this is an old post , but im confused. are you talking about fixed or removable with the Special Accessory

  3. Mike says:

    After cleaning a fixed Vagina can it be dried with a Tampon?

    1. rosemarydoll says:


  4. zyxw43212022 says:

    What about using a condom? Then you can keep the fixed one.

    1. rosemarydoll says:

      Yes, you can use a condom.

  5. aannde says:

    We need to reach out to manufacturing engineers so that they finally think of producing dolls with an articulated vagina and anus! Then there will be air circulation, which will give a more realistic feeling when using. In addition, it will be much easier to wash and dry in the end.

    1. rosemarydoll says:

      Thank you for your suggestions! We will share them with the factories. 🙂

  6. aannde says:

    I don’t have my own doll. But I guess the built-in vagina can slide into the doll when used if it was placed there with lube. But you can first insert a removable vagina into a plastic tube with holes at intervals along the entire length. Then insert it all together into the hole of the doll and carefully remove only the tube. Perhaps, to fix the vagina, you will still need a wand with a rounded end like the letter “T” if you look from the side. In general, this simple mechanism itself will look somewhat like a large syringe. However, I have never seen such an item in doll accessories before. So – he came up with it himself)

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