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Unforgettable Ebony Beauty: Harriet Marion

Unforgettable Ebony Beauty Harriet Marion

Welcome to the fascinating world of Harriet Marion, a realistic sex doll created to fulfill your wildest desires. If you’re interested in trying out new things or looking for someone to spend time with, this could be the perfect match.

She is mesmerizing in more ways than one, standing at 5ft5 / 164cm tall and sporting an astounding H-cup size. However, beneath it all lies a world of hidden treasures.

Nonetheless, what exactly are these hidden treasures anyway? What sets Harriet apart from the rest? Come along as we explore the charm and attraction of a very realistic sex doll, highlighting its most striking attributes and showing you how to customize them.

What Sets Harriet Marion Apart from the Rest?
Harriet’s unique charm lies in her delightful details. Join us as we delve into the exquisite characteristics that make her a show-stopper, all while admiring the artistry of Irontech Doll.

BrandIrontech Dolls
ModelSilicone Head Sex Doll Fenny
MaterialSilicone Head & TPE Body
Height5ft 5in / 164 cm
Weight99.2 lbs / 45 kg
Bra SizeH-Cup
Bust2ft 8in / 81 cm
Waist1ft 11in / 59 cm
Hip3ft 5in / 103 cm
Feet Length9in / 22 cm
Legs Length2ft 7in / 79 cm
Arms Length2ft 1in / 63 cm
Vagina Depth7in / 18 cm
Anus Depth6in / 16 cm
Oral Depth5in / 12 cm
Irontech Doll Harriet Marion Reviews

Put Your Own Spin on Harriet Marion

Feel free to customize your doll until it meets your requirements – nothing can stop you. Put your spin on Harriet Marion and transform her into the ideal girl of your wildest imagination.

  • Skin Tone? You’ve got many options! Choose from Harriet’s standard dark or white, plus 6 other stunning tones to match your taste.
  • Hair game strong! Our TPE doll rocks bangs and natural-like dark golden-brown hair, but you’ve got 40 different hairstyles to switch it up!
  • Eyes that mesmerize! Pick from 7 eye colors, starting with beautiful brown to make your doll’s gaze truly captivating.
  • Nail Polish? Oh, we’ve got your doll covered! Paint those nails and toenails with your favorite hues. So many colors, you’ll be spoiled for choice!
  • Breast Type? It’s all about options! Hollow, solid, or gel-based, with nipple colors from skin tones to light brown, pink, or dark brown. Customize those areolas, too!
  • Vagina Options? Smooth fixed or removable, it’s your call! Choose from 8 pubic hair types and various textures for a personalized touch.
  • Feet? Stand tall or not at all! Harriet can strut her stuff or go sans standing support for flexibility in your play!

Harriet Marion’s No-Cost Personalization Choices

At Romemary Doll, the experience goes beyond just purchasing a doll – it’s an opportunity to explore a realm of exclusive deals! Check out what we have in store for you:

  • Need some variety? How about 50% OFF an extra head? Customize your doll to your heart’s content!
  • Tired of your doll tipping over? Say no more! We’re throwing in FREE standing feet for stability and style.
  • Keep things clean and easy with a FREE removable vagina. It’s all about convenience, right?
  • Worried about upkeep? Fear not! Get a FREE care kit, originally valued at $199, to keep your doll looking fresh and fabulous.
  • Oh, and did we mention FREE Automatic Love Holes Cleaning & Drying Douche? That’s right, keep it clean and hassle-free, valued at a whopping $550!
  • Last but not least, doll up your doll with a FREE premium outfit! Think sexy lingerie and silicone socks—because your doll deserves to look as good as you do!

Harriet Marion’s Premium Personalization Choices

Like no other delicious chocolate marvel, this one may make you tremble. But if you want to take enjoyment to the next level, Harriet will do things you never thought possible—for a little more.

  • Tongue Modification: Hit the Big O faster! Enhance the enjoyment and realism by modifying the tongue inside the mouth opening, which will make blowjobs feel even more intense.
  • Insertable Penis Add-On: Want more pleasure? Choose between 15 cm / 6in or 25 cm / 10in sizes for a new thrill!
  • Bikini Line: Keep it sleek! Opt for a bikini line to enhance the realism of your doll’s appearance!
  • Oral Heating Function: Ignite the passion! Feel the heat of a real human mouth for an incredibly lifelike experience!
  • Auto Blowjob: Let technology take the lead! Control the satisfaction with a remote for the ultimate blowjob experience!
  • Auto Vagina Clamping and Sucking: Switch it up! Seamlessly toggle between three-speed modes for different levels of intensity!
  • Sexy Lingerie: Let her dress to impress! Grab some extra lingerie for better role-play and naughty adventures!

Body Enhancement

  • EVO Skeleton: Get ready for ultimate flexibility! Our advanced skeleton allows for the most natural sex positions you can imagine!
  • Hyper-Realism Body Painting: Every detail matters! Our artists meticulously paint every inch to make your sexy doll as close to a real human as possible!
  • Semi-Permanent Body Painting: Keep the allure alive! Enjoy areola and labia coloring that lasts 2-3 months for continuous realism!
  • Add Moles & Freckles: Embrace uniqueness! Customize your doll with moles and freckles for that extra touch of authenticity!
  • Body Heating: Feel the warmth! Experience a body temperature closer to that of a real human!
  • Body Moaning: Oh, the sounds of pleasure! Hear her sexy moans with every touch and movement, making your experience truly immersive!
  • Articulated Fingers: It’s all in the details! Enjoy precise movements with articulated fingers for lifelike interactions!
  • Electric Hip and Waist: Get ready for action! Enjoy automatic movement for a more arousing and realistic encounter!

How to Maintain Your Harriet Marion

To ensure that your sex doll is constantly immaculate and prepared for play, we provide care packages made just for her:

  • Care Kit: Say hello to a spotless doll! Our essential care kit, originally priced at $199, is now absolutely free! Keep your doll looking fresh and clean with our top-notch cleaning supplies. From cleaning solutions to brushes, we’ve got you covered.
  • Deluxe Care Kit: Elevate your doll care routine with our deluxe kit! For just $199, down from the original price of $299, you’ll get an array of premium products to maintain your doll’s beauty and hygiene. Treat your doll to the luxury she deserves!
  • Premium Cleaning Set: Dive into the ultimate cleaning experience with our premium set! Valued at $550, it’s now yours for free! This top-of-the-line kit ensures that your doll stays pristine and hygienic, giving you peace of mind with every use.

Tips for Keeping Your TPE Sex Doll in Good Condition

If you want the fun to continue for a long time, you must be prepared to put in the effort to correctly care for your doll. With an extended lifetime, each experience will be even greater than the previous. Take good care of Harriet; she’ll be your partner for many exciting experiences!

  • Mix appropriate shower gel with water to create foam.
  • Cleanse the body, avoiding excessive force that may damage the skin.
  • Rinse the body to remove all shower and bath foam.
  • Gently pat the body dry with a clean towel to remove any remaining moisture.
  • It’s best to apply body powder to keep the skin dry.

What Makes Harriet Marion Your Perfect Choice

With Harriet, you may personalize her enticing curves, realistic features, and more. Purchasing her will transport you to a world where sex doll realism meets perfect proportions and design. An embodiment of your wildest fantasies, she is more than simply a sex doll.

Visit RosemaryDoll’s website to personalize Harriet Marion and buy her right now if she is your cup of tea. Imagine a world where your perky bosom and chocolate lips are at your fingertips—and that’s only the beginning! Not to talk about that luscious vagina that will leave you coming for more every time.

If you’d like to add an additional layer of secrecy and elegance to the delivery of your Harriet, our special premium “Flight Case” package is the perfect solution.

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