Ultimate Tips To Avoid Fake WM Dolls [2022]

With the popularity of sex dolls, scammers are becoming more and more rampant, especially online. They steal pictures from real doll websites and sell replicas and counterfeit dolls. But, damn it, they even claim that they are selling authentic love dolls.

WM DOLLs, as one of the most popular sex doll brands, is the most severely infringed, imitated, and plagiarized. Are you new to realistic sex dolls? Have you recently purchased a “Genuine” WM doll from a sex doll vendor? Do you have any doubts about the doll you bought? Here, we share with you the ultimate tips to help you tell the difference between a real WM doll and a fake WM doll.

1. WM Dolls Anti-fake System

WM Doll has officially launched a WM Dolls Anti-fake System so that the customers can check the authenticity of their WM love doll. Each WM doll will come with a brochure and you will find a scratch card with an Anti-Forgery code. Scratch the surface of the card to get the code and then enter it into the WM Dolls’ official website.

WM Dolls Anti-fake System

Go to the official WM Doll website and the anti-fake check is located on the main page. Click the “anti-fake check” and input your code and the verification code.

WM-official-anti-fake-system 1

Note: The verification code is random and here is “78uu”

2. Body Details of WM Doll: Real Doll VS Fake Doll

These counterfeit doll manufacturers are doing every effort to imitate real brand dolls, so their dolls may look very similar in pictures. However, the counterfeit dolls are shoddily made and of poor quality. Now, let’s take a look at the difference between the real WM Doll and the fake WM Doll.

First of all, the head of most fake dolls bears little resemblance to the real ones, which can be clearly seen from the comparison in this picture.

Genuine WM doll
In addition, their shoulders, chest, and abdomen are also different. Fake dolls have rough boobs, especially the nipples and areolas. You’d be devastated if you knew you paid a high price for a doll with a pair of rough breasts.
Let’s take a look at the real WM doll. (See the details below)

3. Accessories in the Package

The items in the WM package are more complete than the counterfeit ones. The real WM sex doll will be given many essential accessories and manuals.


Note:  The accessories from authentic WM dolls have the official WM logo.

Accessories in the Package

If you do get a fake WM doll from a vendor, please report it from here.

If your WM doll does not have a card, please contact your supplier and see if it can be cleared. -If you are still in doubt, report it.