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Trending News | Which Sex Brand Doll is Your Favorite?

Trending News | Which Sex Brand Doll is Your Favorite

August began quietly, with a calm week that didn’t see much activity. Some interesting news included the introduction of seamless-neck dolls alongside the regular ones. So, let’s take it easy and enjoy a peaceful week of news with plenty of photos to explore.

WM Doll

WM Doll is still playing at a steady level, they have been playing steadily in the field of TPE sex dolls, and since the summer came, they have been coming out with pictures of dolls in bathing suits one after another, and the European and American style dolls have a very healthy body.

Elsababe Doll

Elsababe has introduced a 148 cm tall doll weighing 25 kg, which comes as a surprise to many who are put off by the weight of typical dolls. Picking up a 25 kg doll is a breeze, especially with her slightly parted lips. One might easily assume that this doll boasts an oral function. Are you intrigued to give it a try?

Angelkiss Doll

Surprisingly, Angelkiss introduced their first seamless-neck silicone doll called the AK18 (162cm E-cup) with Head #LS10. This unexpected combination seems quite clever. Previously, they only had one other seamless-neck doll (the WM Doll 163C with Head #70) back in 2020, so this is a notable development. This new addition is likely to attract interest from many people in the Western market.

Fanreal Doll

Fanreal’s latest product offerings this week are nothing short of exhilarating! The introduction of the captivating 170cm G-cup bosom is bound to leave you utterly mesmerized. In an intriguing turn of events, Maria no longer holds the esteemed position of the new face of Fanreal Doll. However, her visage retains an exquisite allure, reminiscent of the quintessential American sweetheart—who could resist such charm? Meanwhile, stepping into the spotlight is the enchanting Della, gracing the scene as their fresh new head model. With her luscious blonde locks and irresistibly plump lips, resisting an immediate infatuation upon the very first glimpse is undoubtedly a challenging feat!

SE Doll

SE Doll’s TPE doll Vicky has an attractive body and innocent face. TPE dolls can almost always be used for oral access, which I think everyone should know, and her 168cm height and oversized breasts should pique your interest in her!

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