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Trending News | Which is Your Favorite Silicone or TPE Sex Doll?

Trending News | Which is Your Favorite Silicone or TPE Sex Doll?

This week, a multitude of sex doll brands are unveiling their latest creations! Each week presents an exciting opportunity to encounter dolls crafted from distinct materials, adorned with unique makeup and captivating features. For this week’s exploration, we begin by delving into the realm of materials, focusing on the unveiling of new sex dolls crafted from both TPE and silicone. Join us as we embark on a journey to learn more about these exquisite creations and discern which one resonates with your preferences.

Piper Doll

This week, Piper Doll introduces a new head – Krystal. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, a BBW body with a height of 150cm, and has quickly gained immense popularity. Krystal remains a TPE doll (All-in-one), maintaining the distinct qualities of this line.

Autome Doll

Aotume Doll continues to skillfully leverage its advantage in crafting dolls with an anime aesthetic. Their secondary anime dolls exude undeniable cuteness, and the TPE material imparts a noticeably softer texture. Aotume’s distinctive makeup style, inspired by manga, sets them apart and is comparably easier to achieve than other brands. Previously, their factory experienced extended order processing times due to relocation, but production has now resumed its regular schedule.

Top Sino

Top Sino has recently released their new product – the T153 body, made entirely of silicone with RRS+ effects, making the doll very similar to the real person. TopSino’s dolls have always won praises for their complex facial expressions and realistic materials, always leading the way of sex doll innovation. Recently they updated a new production material – “professional soft”, the overall touch will be softer than the previous material, and the standard option of RRS+ will be softer on the basis of “pro soft”, such as vagina, breasts, ass, etc. The sense of experience is very important.

Do you prefer this brand of silicone or TPE sex dolls?

Irontech Doll

Irontech Doll’s latest release this week brings back an old favorite. While the images are newly revealed, the head, known as S33, is one that has been seen before. Featuring a rich and healthy dark skin tone, curly hair, and full lips, this head is paired with a 163cm tall body model. This combination creates an elongated doll, a true delight for enthusiasts who appreciate dolls with longer legs.

The body is made from TPE, ensuring a softer and more lifelike feel. Despite the familiarity of the head, its pairing with the body model adds a fresh and enticing dimension to the doll’s overall appeal.

Doll4ever Doll

Doll4ever released a 160cm big breasted doll-Lisa this week, it’s a TPE material doll, very sexy doll, light tan skin color makes her look more healthy and energetic.Doll4ever offers an extensive range of doll models, each with its own distinct features, body types, facial expressions, and styles. Whether you’re seeking a doll with a more traditional appearance or one with a modern and exotic aesthetic, Doll4ever is known for catering to diverse preferences.

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