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Trending News | New Head vs. New Body – Which Sex Doll Hits Your Heart?

In the realm of sex doll customization, a tantalizing decision often arises: Should you opt for a new head or a new body to enhance your companion’s allure? It’s a choice that can ignite passion among enthusiasts. In this blog, you can choose your favorite head or body, and comment on it.

Irontech doll

Introducing Irontech’s latest marvel: a 169cm silicone body paired with the captivating S39 Layla head. This artfully designed combination showcases an AI-modeled face of unparalleled realism, complete with a delicate smile and intricate features. The body’s tall, slim stature, coupled with understated, natural-looking breasts, emanates grace and allure. While the provided shaded photos may pose visibility challenges, an accompanying infographic elucidates the intricacies. Irontech’s innovation shines, merging technology and design to create a harmonious, exquisitely beautiful result.

Starpery Doll

At long last, Starpery unveils its latest creation: a diminutive 148cm body accompanied by the endearing mini Zoey head, marking their most petite doll to date, while retaining the signature plump, curvaceous charm. Her enticing appearance is accentuated by lusciously full lips, tailored for fervent enthusiasts of passionate kisses. With a weight reduction to a mere 30-31 kg (66-68 lbs), this development elegantly addresses the prevalent concern of dolls being overly burdensome to transport, presenting an optimal solution. By the way, body bikini line is so hot!

Elsababe Doll

Elsa Bebe introduces their latest addition, the Shibata Yao anime head, a character with a captivatingly distinctive and adorable angry expression, complete with endearing red eyes and an adorable tiny fang. A treat for anime enthusiasts, this unique creation reflects Elsa Bebe’s commitment to exploring the anime sex doll realm, promising exciting new releases each week to anticipate and enjoy.


SHEDOLL proudly presents its latest offering, featuring a striking combination of a new silicone head and a TPE body, known as Huayin (or Canon). This release embodies the classic facial features that have become synonymous with the SHEDOLL brand, exemplifying timeless beauty. The accompanying 165 cm body showcases an enhanced stature, adding a touch of curvaceous charm that aligns seamlessly with my personal aesthetic preferences. As expected, this enchanting creation carries a substantial weight of 44 kg (97 lbs), a characteristic that may not come as a surprise but undoubtedly adds to its allure.

JY Doll

JY Dolls have recently unveiled two enticing photo sets, each spotlighting their unique 165cm D-cup body. In the first set, we are introduced to a charming Asian head named Yunxi, adorning this statuesque and slender frame. JY Dolls have consistently favored distinctive and uniform Asian facial features in their designs. However, I personally lean towards sex dolls that embrace a plusher, slightly voluptuous aesthetic, and I’m drawn to the allure of a soft, more tactile, and bouncy touch.

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