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Top 2 Sex Doll Accessories You Don’t Want to Miss

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Today, we are pleased to introduce two sex doll accessories that are very popular among sex doll owners.

1. Sex Doll Automatic Love Holes Cleaning & Drying Douche

Realistic sex dolls are becoming the perfect solution to the physical needs of single men. With the increasing demand for the realism of sex dolls, the internal structure of the vagina is also folded from the surface of a simple single surface to the complex vacuum cavity, so cleaning becomes more and more difficult and necessary.

The current manual cleaning device has a low pressure which could not rinse effectively, and pushes the residual liquid deep into the vagina, making the front of the vagina seemingly clean, but moldy in the depths, so the user suffers from fungal infection and other risks.

We highly recommend that you choose this automatic love holes cleaning & drying douche for your love dolls.

This douche uses the patented spray and suction integrated cleaning jet with separate built-in clean and dirty water tanks.

It is equipped with an exclusive cleaning device, cleaning speed is fast, 30 times faster than manual cleaning, and cleanliness is up to 98%.

It is the ONLY cleaning device in the world that can complete the cleaning & drying of love holes on the bed without carrying heavy dolls to the bathroom.

How to use it?

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2. Sex Doll Stainless Steel Display Adjustable Holder

Are you a big fan of sex doll photography? Then, this is your must-have device – Sex Doll Stainless Steel Display Adjustable Holder.

It is suitable for all types of sex dolls and can be adjusted in various poses and heights as needed. Ideal for photography, window display, collection, etc.

This stand provides great convenience for your photography. Secured from the neck interface, the doll can be easily hung. It is convenient for you to maintain and change it. It allows your doll to stand unrestrained naturally and allows you to pose in various poses.

Sex Doll Assisted Standing Holder for Factory Photography

Sex doll photography brings you more than a sexual experience; it’s also a fantastic opportunity to create a work of art. Many of our customers especially like to take pictures of sex dolls because they are so hot, sexy, and beautiful. You can dress her up in any look or pose you want. No matter how erotic the pose, you can put it in any way you want. You don’t have to worry about your doll complaining about anything. And that’s a luxury you can’t get from a real woman.

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