Sexual Position of Week: Sofa Surfer

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Your sex life doesn’t always have to start—or end—on your bed. Want to break this monotony? A sofa can be a fantastic start for some truly wild sexual rides!


Keep your sex doll sit on the armrest of a sofa and carefully lower her upper body down onto the seat, with the legs straight and raised. Then you can stand in front of the doll’s bum and place her legs on your shoulders while wrapping your arms around the thighs.


The angle of the doll’s hips allows you to penetrate her deeply and target those all-important internal hot spots with relative ease for explosive results.


Free one of your hands to stimulate external erogenous zones such as the nipples, penis, or testicles.

Make it even better

Add a bit of light restraint play when having sex with your doll.

Sofa Surfer is ideal for a quickie, or take it leisurely like a Sunday morning.

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