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Sexual Position of The Week: Spooning

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Spooning is the go-to sex position for sex doll owners. It’s basically a perfect combination of a cuddle and fuck. You are right next to each other, neck to foot. This skin-to-skin contact is unparalleled.

While both lying on your side, find her vagina with your hand and enter your doll from behind while you slightly lift her leg.

Having the doll back her hips up against yours means that you feel every inch of her inside from each thrust. Also, this physical closeness brings extra sensation like kissing her neck, stroking her nipples, massaging her clitoris. There is no end to happiness.

Press her legs firmly together for a tighter feel. Tilt her pelvis down a little so her clit is getting more contact with the top of your penis.

Make it even better
Change the angle of penetration to help you get P-spot stimulation during sex. Spooning also works great for anal sex. More lube can make penetration easier, minimize irritation and discomfort.

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